Welcoming Product Team Members Weston, Bethany, and Evan

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / Published July 4, 2017

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO:

I'm excited to welcome three recent additional members to the Zapier team. Weston, Bethany, and Evan all have been working hard at improving the Zapier experience for users like yourself. Weston, who is meticulous about understanding customers, has been working on our marketing and onboarding materials designs. Bethany has been focused on the main experience with creating Zaps, even down to the small details like how empty dropdown states should work (don't worry if you don't know what that means. She's got it covered and has bigger and better improvements up her sleeve too). And Evan has some great initiatives in place to improve testing Zaps, setting up filters, and more. I'm looking forward to seeing what these three talented people will do at Zapier.

Weston Thayer, Product Designer

Weston Thayer

Hi there, I’m Weston. Once upon a time, I discovered Zapier while helping a friend solve some app integration problems at a local startup in Seattle. I loved what I saw then. Fast-forward and I was elated to see a design position open up.

As a product designer, I’ll be trying my best to create experiences that help communicate how Zapier fits into your busy life. I’m always curious about how people perceive, experience, and use Zapier, so you might see an email from me one day asking for a few minutes of your time (don’t be shy about saying “no”).

I’m a bit of a typography nerd, love code, and adore prototyping. You can catch me geeking out on my blog and Twitter. Outside of work, I’m exploring the great Pacific Northwest with my wife and red dog, Duke. Hope to see you out there!

Bethany Hills, Product Manager

Bethany Hills

Hi hi! I’m Bethany Hills and I recently joined Zapier as a Product Manager.

My Background

I began my career in account management and project management at the LIVESTRONG Foundation where I executed large-scale events and managed a portfolio of donors. I loved the mission-driven nature of my work but I also had desire to build tools that solved problems.

After learning to code, I moved to into an engineering position at a company called Umbel where I worked directly with our clients on technical projects and integrations. I found that I thrived at the intersection of engineering, project management, and working with customers. And nothing gave me more energy that working cross-functionally to move initiatives forward. I found my happy place in Product Management.

My Role at Zapier

My role at Zapier is a combination of the best of all worlds! I work with a team of talented people to build a product that makes things better, easier, and generally more awesome for our customers. On any given day I’m talking to customers, digging into data, and working cross-functionally with designers and engineers to move our core product forward. Can you say dream job?

My Life

I live in Austin, TX with my husband, Jordan, and our very scruffy dog, Henry. When I’m not working I’m an avid marathoner, cyclist, rock climber and all around outdoor junkie. I like to combine my love of outdoors with travel and that has taken me on some wonderfully active adventures (next up: running across Morocco!).

Evan Bowers, Product Designer

Evan Bowers

Howdy! My name is Evan Bowers, I just recently joined the Zapier team as a Product Designer.

The Past

I became a designer because I like order. Order helps me learn new things. Most of the time I have to reorganize new info to absorb it (e.g., The Feynman Technique). My need for order, paired with being overly curious, asking too many questions & having a background in art, made design a natural fit for me. I live for problem solving and sweating the details. Mostly, I enjoy helping to make other people's lives easier if possible.

The Future

I'm a self-proclaimed efficiency nerd. I get true joy from avoiding the burden of repetitive minutiae and being able to focus on more important things. You might then understand how excited I was to learn that Zapier was on the hunt for a Product Designer. I'm super excited to work alongside some really smart folks to solve big problems for our great customers.

Fun Evan Facts

When I'm not behind the warm glow of a computer screen, you can catch me at The Circuit climbing fake rocks, cooking splendid vegetarian meals with my wife, traveling to new places & being awkward there, or rooting for my favorite ice hockey team, the St. Louis Blues. I hope I get a chance to meet you! Hit me up at evan.bowers@zapier.com.

Zapier is hiring! Come join our growing, fully-remote team.

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