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Bryan Landers
Bryan Landers / March 14, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: back in November Zapier got a face lift and some serious UX improvements. If you've enjoyed the new superhero motif and a better designed experience on Zapier, then I have some great news for you. The brainchild behind all these improvements, Bryan Landers, is joining Zapier full time. I've known Bryan for two years now and I've never worked with a designer/developer who is more meticulous than him. He sweats details that most people would miss. As a result, everything he works on gets better. And I'm really excited to work with him at making Zapier better. Without further ado, here's Bryan Landers.

I met Bryan Helmig at Red Rock Cafe on Castro Street in Mountain View. Red Rock is one of those quintessential Silicon Valley cafes with entrepreneurs pouring out of its ears where you can barely hear your own conversation over that of the people beside you jabbering on about startups, world-changing ideas, and funding gossip.

Cold intro to Bryan Helmig, co-founder of Zapier

He had kindly agreed to meet me when I cold emailed him after hearing a few episodes of his, now defunct, Django podcast. In one episode it came out that he and his co-host were musicians. I was new in town and I thought, "this guy plays music and codes Django/Python…that's enough of a reason to say hi!”

There was something else in his podcast that intrigued me. Bryan referred to the startup he was working on that pulled in data from lots of APIs around the web. I had been stewing on an idea for years that required similar tech and I was impressed with how far he had taken it and with the product he and his cofounders a had made.

He remained mum during our meeting, but I later learned that Bryan and his teammates were attending Y Combinator, the prestigious startup accelerator. Zapier was just 3 founders then, but already quickly gaining paying customers who needed a way to connect the apps they used to get work done.

Now, 2 years after that meeting, I have joined Zapier full-time. You might wonder how an artist reluctant to pay even $5 a month for software could one day find himself a product designer at a thriving SaaS startup whose primary customer focus is SMBs. It's a long story in which I go to CalArts for jazz performance on banjo, tour and record music in Nashville, compose film and TV music in Hollywood, and then end up in Silicon Valley working with startups. But, I'm going to skip over all that and tell you why I did it.

Bryan Landers collaborating with Megan Bryant
Bryan Landers with Megan Bryant of the Shining Stars Foundation

In a word: empowerment. Zapier gracefully manages the seemingly impossible by offering different types of people a way to work smarter.

Our customers are able to pull off technical feats that, before, were out of reach.

Developers add their app once to Zapier (a process that’s far easier than rolling your own API integration by hand), and can offer their users integrations with 280 other apps.

Our Partners and their support teams are able to give their customers a solution for non-critical integrations.

I'm proud to join this super-talented, remote team, which itself is empowered by having the freedom to collaborate from any location toward a collective goal: to make work easier.

Want to work with Bryan and the rest of the awesome Zapier team? We're hiring!

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