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Nick Simard
Nick Simard / Published June 3, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Persistence and resourcefulness are traits we value highly at Zapier, and they're traits that Nick Simard has demonstrated over and over again. Nick initially applied for a marketing job at Zapier, and when that wasn't a fit, he didn't give up. He came back and applied to be a customer champion, and today, we're excited to have him on the team. Prior to Zapier, Nick proved his resourcefulness in building out the CudaSign University training site as a team of one. Please help me give Nick a warm Zapier welcome.

Hey, my name is Nick and I can't even believe I'm writing a "Welcome" blog post for Zapier—unbelievable!

I originally hail from a super small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Seriously, my graduating class had fewer than 40 people!

I've always considered myself a "figure-outer". Given enough time researching and experimenting, I typically find a way to get things done. I first signed up for Zapier in late 2012 while looking for a way to set up an email alert for new Campaign Monitor—or was it MailChimp—subscribers. It was a revelation! Zapier had enabled me to very easily solve my problem, with no complicated coding required.

In addition to using Zapier to automate my own workflows, I was always interested in the company itself (and the people behind it). I would read blog posts and keep an eye on the "We're Hiring" link at the very top of the Zapier website. A boy can dream, I thought.

And now here I am! For the longest time, I've championed Zapier's automation capabilities. Now, fittingly, I'm in a role with champion in the title and I have the privilege of directly helping Zapier users with their wide variety of workflow automations. It seriously amazes me to see what sorts of Zaps our users come up with!

Ever since I was a child, I've loved writing. I've been a paid blogger, editor for my university newspaper and I graduated with an English degree. You may not think that providing email support qualifies as "writing", necessarily. But thanks to the way Zapier approaches customer service, I get to have dozens of meaningful conversations every day, while helping our users solve their problems!

I'm currently located in sunny Southern California, and man do I appreciate no longer having to commute in crazy SoCal traffic! When I'm not sitting at my desk helping our users, I can be found tinkering with web design, playing Uno with my son and more than likely staying up too late watching zombie shows.

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