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Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith / Published January 29, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: In late 2014, we were determined to extend our support hours. Most of Zapier's support then was located in the Eastern or Central time zone. But just getting someone outside those hours wasn't good enough. We were looking for someone who fit all our support values: persistent, knowledgeable, empathetic, and detail-oriented. And, of course, loves Zapier. After one conversation with Lindsay, it was clear she had all that and more. We're excited to welcome our second Brit to the Zapier team! :-)

Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsay Brand and I am super excited to have recently joined the fabulous Zapier support team.

Before Zapier

Having always worked in customer-facing positions (right from helping my mom in our family-run pet shop as a little girl), helping people and giving great customer care is just in my blood.

I have worked mostly with web development CS in the past, in a number of environments: including freelance, an agency and a do-your-own-website SaaS product called Create.

It was at Create where I first got the opportunity to work remotely. As a young 20-something, I was placed in the challenging position of the opportunity to travel to Indonesia or leave a job that I loved. Fortunately that decision never had to be made, as I was able to continue with my position as the only remote team member; helping our customers and covering the night shift. Since then, I have been seeing the world, meeting great people and helping everyone I can along the way.

Lindsay Brand traveling

At Zapier

I first discovered Zapier via a customer services blog that I frequent regularly, and I fell in love at once. Working for a company that loves customers as much as I do was just the icing on the cake for me.

Here at Zapier, I'll be continuing to do what I know and enjoy, helping our users get the most out of our service, making great help documents and pitching-in wherever I can (it’s not just customers I like to help ;) ).

A Little About Me

I was born and bred in Cambridge, UK—a small city known for its beautiful university (if you ever visit England, visit Cambridge if you can and go punting on the river Cam). I moved to Brighton (another great town) in my early 20s then left to live in Bali and I have had stints in Bangkok and Singapore, too.

Tobias the cat

I am now living in Barcelona, Spain with my boyfriend Adam and ragdoll cat Tobias. In my spare time you will find me rollerblading, playing on the beach, cooking up a storm, playing video games or crafting. Phew!

Work remotely with Lindsay at Zapier. We're hiring!

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