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Joe Stych
Joe Stych / Published December 5, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: We often we have freelancers write for our blog, and one of the best yet has been Joe Stych. His posts stand out because while they're detailed and sometimes cover advanced techniques, his writing style is approachable and friendly. So when Joe applied to join the team full-time, I was pretty excited. Then when I met Joe, I quickly realized that not only is he a great writer but he's a great marketer with a wealth of knowledge about email and SEO best practices. On top of that, he's a genuine and humble individual. I'm excited to welcome Joe to the team!

Hi everybody! My name is Joe, and I recently joined Zapier in a full-time role on the marketing team. Actually, if you read the Zapier blog (it's ok if you don't, you can start now) you might recognize my name from a few stories that I wrote as a freelancer.

Writing for Zapier was always a labor of love, because my editor Danny Schreiber let me do deep-dives on interesting topics, and then he paid me to blog about them. So when Danny told me that Zapier had an open position on the marketing team, I jumped at the chance to join a talented, fast-growing crew that shares my passions. Here's a little bit about me:

Before Zapier

I'm a Midwestern kid. I was raised in Minnesota, and traveled south one whole state to attend school at Drake University in Iowa. I earned my degree in magazine journalism from Drake in 2012 (insert "print is dead" joke here) and went on to work at Meredith, one of the nation's largest magazine publishing companies. Almost two years later, my now-wife Erin landed a job as a pharmacist in Portland, Maine. We spend most of our time learning how to be Northeasterners.

Once we moved east in June 2014, I set up shop as a full-time freelance writer.

joe wedding
Hey look, it's me getting married!

At Zapier

Zapier works with more than 350 partner apps, and I'm here to show them off. A big part of my job will be assisting with Zapier's co-marketing efforts—whether it's a collaborative guide, a guest blog post, or just helping partners explain how Zapier makes their app even better.

Expect to see my work around Zapier's blog, and on our partner sites too (if you're interested in working together, shoot me an email).

Other things about me

In my spare time, I read about and watch a lot of baseball, hike with my wife, and attempt to cook. I work out of Zapier's Portland, Maine office (note: I'm the only person in this office, which is my apartment) where we eat lobster for lunch every day (note: no, we don't).

P.S. My last name is pronounced Stych like bike, hike, or pike—pretty tough for a five-letter word, huh?

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