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Jason Kotenko
Jason Kotenko / Published December 19, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Overseeing partner relationships at Zapier is challenging because it requires more technical knowledge than a traditional business development role. Engineers often aren't as interested in the business side of an operation and traditional BD professionals can rarely keep up with the technical ins-and-outs of our partnerships (which is partly why we wrote our free API course). When I met Jason Kotenko, it was clear he's a rare breed. Jason is an engineer through and through, but someone who loves understanding the mechanics of partnerships and BD, too. I'm excited to welcome Jason to the team and I know our partners will, too.

Hi everyone! My name is Jason Kotenko, and I'm happy to have joined Zapier recently to head up product development on our developer platform, and work with our ever growing list of partners to get the most out of their Zapier integrations.

Chances are, if you write in with a question about how to integrate an app with Zapier, you're going to end up talking to me. And if you already have an app on Zapier, you're probably going to hear from me! In fact, if you're reading this, and thinking, "Hmm, I have a few ideas on how my app could do better on Zapier", you should reach out to me at jason.kotenko@zapier.com now!

When I saw the job opening, I jumped at the opportunity to work with this team after reading Wade's posts on remote teams. I knew that with such a clear-eyed view of how to run the company, Wade must have attracted some great people, and he most definitely has.

Before Zapier

I'm a Pennsylvania native, from near Hershey, the land of chocolate and roller-coaster rides. After college, I spent a year as a scientific programmer at the Idaho National Laboratory doing image processing in C++ and Python. I moved on to work remotely as a Java teacher and head of Java curriculum at Trivera Technologies, where I developed a love of working with people. Most recently, I had a number of roles at eBay, ranging from backend ETL pipeline code in Python for the Milo shopping engine, to a full stack Java developer on a revamp of the eBay homepage, and working with big retailers to get them integrated to eBay.

My wife and I moved here from the Philippines, where she is from, and where I was lucky enough to spend a whole year.
My Wife and I!

At Zapier

I take care of all things developer platform here at Zapier, so if you have support questions, or feature requests, I'll probably be the one to field them. We can't always get to every feature request right away, but we'll definitely hear you out and find any workarounds that might help you in the meantime.

If you already have an app published on Zapier, I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas for things you'd like to do next. We're always looking to take innovative approaches, like this integrated experience we set up with Typeform.

On a Personal Note

I love traveling and everything outdoors. When I was interviewing here at Zapier, I gave a talk about climbing Mt. Adams, just to snowboard down. When I'm not outdoors though, you can catch me at home with my wife, watching movies, TV, or playing Xbox.

I know it's going to be an amazing ride at Zapier, and I'm excited to work with our great customers and partners!

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