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How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

By Marshall Gunnell · May 15, 2019
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Despite being a professional network, LinkedIn is crawling with spammers, fake profiles, and people with ill intentions. But LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to block someone, preventing them from viewing your profile or sending you unsolicited messages. Here's how to block someone on Linkedin.

How to Block People on LinkedIn

First, head over to the profile of the person you would like to block. Once there, select the More… button to the right of the user's profile picture.

Click more next to the profile

A dropdown menu will appear. Here, select Report / Block at the bottom of the menu.

Report/block button

A small window will appear, presenting a few different options. Select Block [user].

Select Block User

Once selected, another window will appear, asking you to confirm that you'd like to block this user. Click Block.

Confirm block

LinkedIn has limited the number of profiles you can block to 1,000—that should cover your bases. Your best bet is to take preliminary action by only accepting requests from users that you have met personally or are in an industry that you're interested in.

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