7 out of 10 Knowledge Workers Will Shop Online at Work This Year

Zapier Editorial Team
Zapier Editorial Team / Published November 20, 2019

Seven in ten (70 percent) of knowledge workers say they plan to spend time online shopping for the holidays while at work this year. With the holidays just around the corner, Zapier commissioned The Harris Poll to see just how much time U.S. knowledge workers (those who primarily work in a professional setting and use a computer as part of their job) plan to spend holiday shopping while at work.

The survey found:

  • On average, knowledge workers plan to spend a total of 8.5 work hours shopping

  • Three in 10 knowledge workers who will shop online for the holidays during work hours (30 percent) plan to spend 10 or more hours shopping during work hours this year.

  • More than 1 in 10 (15 percent) plan to spend 15+ hours holiday shopping during work.

  • Who's the most likely culprit to be shopping during work hours? Younger adults - the survey finds 79 percent of knowledge workers aged 18-44 planned to shop while at work compared to just 59 percent of those aged 45+, with men ages 18-34 being among the top offenders (83 percent).

  • People managers are more likely than those who are not managers to say they will holiday shop online during work hours this year (77 percent vs. 59 percent)

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