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App spotlight: Duda

How this app lets you build responsive websites at scale

By Elena Alston · February 17, 2023

We've all been there: You open a website, ready to check out a brand's products, but the page won't load or the buttons you're trying to click on don't lead anywhere. And if you're the owner of that website, it's equally frustrating, as you're missing out on capturing a lead—or even generating a sale. 

That's why building responsive websites is vital if you want to stand out in today's market. That's exactly where Duda, a professional website builder, comes into play. With it, you can build top-ranking, mobile-friendly websites fast. They're also backed by speed and SEO so you can drive conversions and build at scale. 

Duda origins: Creating mobile-friendly websites

In 2010, old high school friends Amir Glatt and Itai Sadan had an idea: they wanted to help small businesses develop websites that would work on mobile devices—even if they didn't have the resources of larger companies like Amazon or eBay. 

They joined forces to create Duda, a tool focused on making mobile-friendly websites that would allow businesses to boost their traffic. This effectively put Duda on the map as a modern solution to small business needs. 

Did you know? Duda was named after 'The Dude', a main character in the movie The Big Lebowski, for always rolling with the punches and helping his peers.

Duda today: Powering top-performing websites

Today, Duda is a leading web design platform for over 20,000 agencies, designers, small businesses, and SaaS Platforms. After expanding their focus to responsive web design, Duda also became a great solution for agencies and designers servicing small businesses. 

It's drag-and-drop builder lets users quickly build polished, responsive websites with widgets and personalized touches at scale—no coding skills required. You can choose from professional-looking templates and edit them with text, images, new pages, and more. Duda also comes with powerful team collaboration and client management tools, eCommerce features, solutions for managing payments, and reliable hosting. 

Fave feature: Duda lets you simplify client collaboration by allowing you to collect content, collaborate with clients, and get design feedback and approvals right inside the platform. 

Automate your website building: Popular Duda workflows

Unlock even more value from your reviews by connecting Duda with Zapier and automating workflows across all your apps. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

Post newly published Duda blog posts to Facebook Pages

Post newly published Duda blog posts to Facebook Pages
  • Duda logo
  • Facebook Pages logo
Duda + Facebook Pages

New to Zapier? It's an automation tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

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