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Turn first-time purchasers into repeat customers with BigCommerce

By Will Harris · May 22, 2023
The hero image for a blog post about adding customers from BigCommerce to ActiveCampaign.

Success in eCommerce depends on the digital experience you create. If you want to turn website visitors into customers, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to understand the value of your product and make a purchase.

BigCommerce makes it easy to build those experiences. A powerful, flexible, and intuitive eCommerce platform, BigCommerce powers online stores worldwide—helping companies deliver unique experiences that convert visitors into customers.

Your customer experience shouldn't stop after the first purchase, though. Retaining customers and turning them into brand loyalists is where the real money is—and it's not as tricky as you might think. If you're keeping your customer data up to date, you can segment your audience to create some savvy campaigns that drive repeat purchases.

By pairing BigCommerce with Zapier, you can instantly add customer data to an email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp, letting you segment your audience and market to each one directly.

The problem: Your customer data is outdated and unreliable, so you're unable to segment your audience to send more targeted campaigns.

The solution: Add or update contacts in ActiveCampaign for each purchase in your BigCommerce store, giving you reliable customer data that you can use to drive more purchases.

A visual example of an automated workflow between BigCommerce and ActiveCampaign via Zapier.

Ready to try it yourself? Start with a Zap template—our pre-made workflows. Click on the one below, and we'll guide you through the setup process in just a few minutes.

Add or update ActiveCampaign contacts for new Bigcommerce orders

Add or update ActiveCampaign contacts for new Bigcommerce orders
  • BigCommerce logo
  • ActiveCampaign logo
BigCommerce + ActiveCampaign

Zap difficulty: Beginner

Top tip: During the purchase process on your website, try to gather customer data that you could use to segment your audience. Birthdays, geographic location, or other information relevant to your product can be helpful later on.

There's so much more you can do with BigCommerce and Zapier. With plenty of other marketing tools to integrate with, there's no end to what you can automate.

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