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App spotlight: Bitly

By Krystina Martinez · May 16, 2023
Bitly app icon.

If you were on Twitter in the late 2000s, you might remember sharing bit.ly links because you needed to ration character counts. (Oh, what simple times we lived in.) 

Those character counts are long gone, but Bitly is still one of the most popular tools for digital marketers. More than 5 million users each month rely on Bitly to create custom short links to build brand awareness, connect with audiences, and monitor engagement.  

Build brand awareness with Bitly

Bitly's core link-shortening feature remains the same, but you can now swap out "bit.ly" with a custom domain and build name recognition for your brand. Add your branded links to your existing link-in-bio—or create one with Bitly. You can also turn your short links into QR codes personalized with your brand's colors. 

But Bitly really shines in its analytics tools, where you can monitor individual link metrics and holistic campaign performance across channels. It's all wrapped up in an intuitive dashboard so you can gather insights faster. Plus, with built-in integrations across popular browsers, CRMs, and other tools, you never lose track of your audience. 

Automate your link tracking: Popular Bitly workflows

You can monitor your brand's engagement no matter what channels you use. Connect Bitly with Zapier and automate workflows across your favorite apps. 

Whether you want to automatically track new campaigns, monitor referrals, or create links for new content, you can create Zaps—what we call our automated workflows—to launch new marketing efforts quickly. 

Here are a couple of our most popular Bitly workflows to get you started: 

Post new Bitlinks to Facebook Pages

Post new Bitlinks to Facebook Pages
  • Bitly logo
  • Facebook Pages logo
Bitly + Facebook Pages

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