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How to Create a High-Converting Webinar Landing Page Without Writing Any Code

By Danny Schreiber · June 25, 2014
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Some of the best stories each sports season follow the dynamic duos that emerge to dominate the game. Think of basketball's John Stockton and Karl Malone, a ball-handling wizard and down-low delivery man, or football's Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, a cool under pressure quarterback and a clutch catching machine. On their own they're exceptional athletes, but together, they're a one-of-a-kind team.

Much in the same way are today's web apps, especially with the ever growing world of business tools, many created to do a specific activity extremely well. There's software to build online forms, apps to chat with your team and tools to share the best of what you've read.

So when you take two of those pieces and connect them together you get a phenomenal outcome—no Super bowl trophy, unfortunately, but increasing conversion rates is possible.

This is what happened when Kissmetrics used Zapier, an app integration and automation tool, to connect GoToWebinar, an app that delivers an exceptional webinar experience, with Unbounce, a tool that lets marketers optimize landing pages. Doing so resulted in a 1,000 percent jump in sign-ups compared to the registration numbers they saw when using the standard GoToWebinar landing page. Moreover, each back of webinar sign-ups yielded an average of $13,000 in highly qualified new opportunities.

Building the Best Landing Page for Your Webinar

Kissmetrics isn't the only one who's putting this all-star app combo to use. Unbounce employs their own product when holding webinars, too. In fact, their use of it has led to such great success, that the company, which is well-known for its exceptional blog and downloadable resources, now acquires more users via webinars than any other channel.

"Webinars have become our most powerful marketing channel for acquisition, surpassing our blog, our ecourse and even our ebooks," says Georgiana Laudi, the director of marketing at Unbounce.

"Webinars have become our most powerful marketing channel for acquisition." - Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing at Unbounce

"We’ve found, over the last 20 months of running webinars, that attendees are typically further down the funnel than the audiences on our other marketing channels," she says.

Since moving from the GoToWebinar's standard sign-up page to their own, Unbounce has seen a 150 percent increase in conversions—from 23 percent for the former to 70 percent for the latter.

So you want to know how they do it? You're in luck. Laudi has revealed all in a free 50-page guide released today. Not only does this new Unbounce resource show you how to effectively use their quick landing page builder—for which you need no technical skills—it lays out the whole webinar process, from picking a topic to effectively following up with acquisition top of mind.

The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Flowchart
In a free guide, Unbounce takes you through the entire process of running an effective webinar.

What to Include on Your Webinar Landing Page

I've left out one important part of Unbounce's aforementioned webinar sign-up success. If you download the guide, you'll find it described, but not outlining it now may leave you deceived of their full strategy. You see, simply using an Unbounce page for a webinar sign-up isn't enough. You need to make sure to include on that page what the company's co-founder Oli Gardner refers to as the five essential elements of a high-converting landing page.

Using Unbounce's landing page for its now archived Beyond Lead Generation webinar, let's take a look at each element.

five essential elements of a high-converting landing page

1. Unique Selling Proposition

This is your actionable webinar title—what will the visitor learn from the 60 minutes they invest your presentation. In the provided example, it's learning about the steps to take after you've successfully collected leads.

unique selling proposition

"Try to break down your offering to its most basic level, to describe the specific benefit your customers will get," Gardner says. A well-crafted unique selling proposition, he adds, sets clear expectations for your customers and allows them to understand why they should care.

Here are more example webinar titles from a short list of companies with brilliant marketing teams:

  • "4 Steps to Email Marketing that Converts", Kissmetrics

  • "How to Personalize the Buyer Experience with Sales and Marketing", HubSpot

  • "The Science of Creating Must-Click Content on Twitter", Buffer

  • "Internal Linking: A Scientific, Scalable Approach", Moz

2. Hero Shot

This is simply a photo and bio of your expert guest host or your in-house presenter. Make sure to tailor the individual's bio to fit the webinar marketed on the page.

hero shot of Hunter Boyle

In this example, Unbounce calls out that Boyle in addition to his prominent role as an email marketing company, he's helped "thousands of organizations boost their ROI."

3. Benefits

Here you want to provide the landing page visitors a description of what webinar attendees will learn. On top of clearly outlining the webinar's benefits with a bullet point list, Unbounce uses a few paragraphs of clever copy, as well.


"You don’t need a ton of copy, you’re not selling an expensive or complicated product," Laudi says. "Focus on the benefits attendees will walk away with."

4. Social Proof

Include testimonials on the landing page about your presenter's knowledge of the topic or about your previous webinars—but don't link out to anything (more on that soon).

social proof

5. Call to Action

Finally, the most important part of the webinar landing page: the registration form and button. This should be prominent on the page, and as Laudi says in the guide, the only call to action present.

She also encourages asking participants a question that pertains to the upcoming webinar as part of the sign-up process.

call to action

"Asking people to participate in advance (by submitting questions, for example) is a great way to help build out the webinar content and get extra 'buy-in' from registrants," Laudi says.

Don't Rely on Your Webinar Tool for Registration

GoToWebinar registration
Instead of GoToWebinar

Including all five of Gardners' elements of a high-converting webinar landing when using GoToWebinar's standard registration form doesn't make for the prettiest of pages. So, if your aim is to drive more sign-ups to your upcoming webinar, turn to Unbounce or another landing page creation tool to execute Gardner's recommendations.

When doing so, make it easy to get each registrant signed-up for the webinar by sending their details to GoToWebinar via Zapier.

Duplicate records in Knack

Duplicate records in Knack
  • Knack logo
  • Knack logo

You can also use Zapier to add each registrant to a mailing list, too, allowing you to let them know of your next webinar. This will kickstart registrations before you even begin to promote it through other channels.

Post on Chatter for new Chargify subscriptions

Post on Chatter for new Chargify subscriptions
  • Chargify logo
  • Chatter logo
Chargify + Chatter

Learn the Other Components of a Successful Webinar

Nailing the sign-up page isn't all there is to holding a successful webinar, as you might know. There's a more than a dozen details you'll need to hit on in order to get the most of investing your time in this marketing channel. To learn more about those details and the best way to go about tackling them, download Unbounce's latest free guide, "The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing". It reveals the Unbounce webinar headline that received the most clickes, results of A/B tests conducted on webinar landing pages and the best ways to leverage each social network for promotion.

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

Download Unbounce’s new free ebook, "The Smart Marketer's Guide to Webinar Marketing", to learn everything you need to host valuable webinars and make them your No. 1 acquisition channel.

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