Welcoming API Engineer Ben Peter to Zapier

Ben Peter
Ben Peter / Published April 24, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Engineers often say they love APIs, but APIs can show pretty tough love in return. When that's the case, it's easy for an engineer to give them up, and go put their energy towards a new API or project. For Ben Peter, that's not the case. From the first conversation we had, it became obvious he loves all APIs—even the challenging and unruly ones—and sticks with them to ensure they work. On top of that, he's a genuinely good person, so we're excited to have him join the Zapier team.

Hello! I'm Ben Peter, and I'm an API geek with a lengthy history of connecting all kinds of devices and services together. Before joining Zapier, I spent years developing server automation tools for a wide range of platforms, orchestrating hundreds of servers to communicate and work together. Now I'm taking that experience to the next level, joining the Zapier team as an API engineer to ensure the hundreds of internet services hooked into our platform continue to perform reliably for our customers.

I come to Zapier as a huge believer in making computers handle the boring and repetitive tasks and setting humans free to perform more interesting and exciting work. Researching the latest services and APIs is a hobby of mine. I look for ways to combine them in practical ways, or contemplate the next "Internet-scale Rube Goldberg" (how many Internet services can you connect, just to turn on a light bulb?).

I found Zapier when searching for a remote-working job opportunity. I was growing tired of commuting to/from work in the midst of snowstorms and/or unbelievably cold temperatures (yet, there's some reason why I still enjoy living here in Minnesota).

When I discovered that the Zapier team wrote the book on making remote-work effective, I knew they were something special.

At Zapier, my primary focus is maintaining and expanding the wide range of APIs that can be interconnected via Zaps. I'll also be working on the Zapier Developer Platform, which provides an easy way for partners to connect their apps with Zapier, allowing their customers to get more use out of those services.


When I'm not working on the latest API integrations, you'll find me "on belay" either at an indoor climbing gym, or outdoors at the sparse climbing options available in the midwest. I also enjoy training for a marathon run, spending time with my family, relaxing out on a lake in the summer time, or visiting a water park.

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