How the Palm Beach Tech Association Automates Social Media Marketing

Christina Romein
Christina Romein / Published November 6, 2017

Starting a business can be a lonely journey. To connect self-starters with resources and community, a group of entrepreneurs founded the Palm Beach Tech Association. They offer collaborative workspaces, industry meetups, jobs boards, an awards dinner, and more to build networks and foster community. In the span of a few years, the association became one of the largest innovation organizations in Florida.

Their mission to unite and build up the technology industries throughout Palm Beach County means the association became a hub for the community. Everyone from corporate CEOs to freelancers has joined the association, contributing knowledge and experience.

The nonprofit association’s core initiatives include developing an educational pipeline for local tech companies to hire from, drawing businesses to the region by building up the region’s brand, and acting as a voice of the county’s technology industry to government and business leaders.

Palm Beach Tech

One of their initiatives offers a local careers board for freelance, part-time, and full-time positions. With opportunities posted throughout the year, the Palm Beach Tech Association communicates the opportunities in every way possible.

Embracing the idea of networking, the association shares content to its social media channels where members can share and spread the word about opportunities. For a long time, this was a tedious process, with staff or volunteers manually updating Palm Beach Tech Association’s many social networks.

"Social media was very hands-on, all managed by staff, interns, and volunteers. Now we can do literally eight things with one click, saving time and effort."Joe Russo, Executive Director, Palm Beach Tech Association

With app automation tool Zapier, the association consolidates its social media publishing efforts. Whenever someone submits a new job opportunity to the career board, Zapier automatically pushes an update to the Palm Beach Tech Association's social media channels: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, as well as their director’s personal social media. All this happens in an instant thanks to their Zaps—a bridge between two or more apps.

Community building and social media can be demanding—particularly for non-profit organizations who operate lean or rely on volunteers to manage accounts. Let Zapier help you automate your publishing process with these Zaps:

By building efficient workflows with Zapier, non-profits can spend more time doing good, instead of doing things by hand. Get in touch with us at to get your 15% non-profit discount!

All images courtesy of Palm Beach Tech Association.

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