Isidora Prohaska

Isidora Prohaska is the founder of Lunarlo Consulting, where she uses her experience as a generalist to help small business owners and startup founders take control of their paths to success. She walks entrepreneurs through narrowing down their goals and then building their plans and processes so that they can maximize growth and ultimately, their bottom line.

Isidora Prohaska

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Productivity tips

10 mistakes you're making as a startup employee

I would like to share with you some mistakes that are easy to make when you work for a startup. How do I know? Because I've made them all. 

By Isidora Prohaska

11 min read

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Business tips

9 mistakes you're making as a founder

Startups are scary. It's like the first day of kindergarten on repeat. Except you don't actually know where your classroom is—or where your school is, for that matter.

By Isidora Prohaska

5 min read

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