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Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published June 13, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Sometimes you just know when someone is going to be a perfect fit. Our latest customer support job listing yielded hundreds of applicants, so standing out was hard. But as soon as Alison Groves sent in her application, I immediately posted to our team chat app. "Woah, this is someone we should check out." Throughout the entire process, Alison continued to prove more than capable. I'm stoked to have her join our customer support team. She's been here for only a month, but her impact working with customers is already noticeable.

Howdy! I'm Alison, the newest addition to the Zapier support team. I say "howdy" because I'm a native Texan now living in Nashville, and "howdy!" is just what we do. My path to Zapier has been a strange one, but I'm so glad to have found my home with a team of people who truly care about the most important thing: putting the customer first.

The Weird Life of Alison

Like my teammate Bryan Landers, I come from a land of music. Whereas Bryan is a world class banjo player, I have a music business degree. After college, I put in a very brief stint in New York City before moving back to Nashville to work for country singer Lee Ann Womack, which I did for about eight years or so. I decided to pivot out of the music industry and jump head first into startup land, which I did with digital marketing agency Sitening. Within the agency, we built a software platform, called Raven Tools, to use in-house before we decided to stop doing agency work and do Raven full time. In my five years at Raven, I did about as much as anyone can at a software startup: I was the support team, then I ran a support team of four, did marketing, evangelism, a ton of education for our users, even spent a year working on the product team.


Among all of that, I wrote for the official blog for Fox's show "24", did some community management around the second "X-Files" film, and for the past five years have volunteered doing marketing and branding for a small charity in Cape Town called South African Youth for Education Stability, which was co-founded by actress Gillian Anderson. Yeah, the weird life of Alison.

The Zapier Life

Taking care of people is the greatest joy of my life. Family, friends, teammates, customers, you name it, I just want to make sure everyone has what they need and is happy. The best thing about coming on board at Zapier is having the privilege of taking care of people from all over the globe, with an infinite number of ways they need Zapier to make their lives just a little easier. Take that and couple it with the remote working lifestyle, and I couldn't be happier. I get to work with the smartest people possible, and have the flexibility to spend time with the people I love no matter where they are in the world.

When I'm not taking care of people, I'm an avid homebrewer, work on growing my meager vinyl collection, and love shouting at sports from baseball to soccer to hockey. I'm also a huge travel nut and love meeting new people, so maybe we will meet out on my travels very soon.

If you're in Nashville, email me and let's get together for coffee! Or, London and Cape Town, I'm coming for you in August. I also spend a lot of time in Los Angeles and Houston, so wherever you are, I'd love to meet as many of you as possible, either out there in the world or in Zapier land. Whatever you need, I'm here.

Want to work with Alison and the rest of the Zapier team? Check out the available jobs here.

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