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It's impressive—though a decade is a lifetime on the internet, and JotForm felt at times like it was showing its age. It was a powerful tool, but not the shiniest form app on the block. So the JotForm team went back to the design board, and once again pulled off a couple new tricks. The next time you make a JotForm form, it's JotForm 4 you'll be using—and you'll come away more impressed than ever.

JotForm 4 is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It does look nicer, with a modern design that still shows your real form as you're building it. You'll drag form elements in from the left, choosing from the same basic text fields and date pickers you'd expect. Tap an element and click the gear icon, and the Properties pane will open on the right where you can set how you want it to work. So far, so normal.

Poke around, and you'll see JotForm's magic under the hood. For example, go to and you can start making a form without even signing up for an account—an old JotForm staple. Do that on your phone, and you can use the same features on the go, dragging-and-dropping form elements on your touchscreen. Add a sub-account for your colleagues and share the form, and you can all edit the form together in real time, just like you can in Google Docs. And don't worry about breaking anything: JotForm includes a revision history, so you can roll back any changes to your form in a click.

All those extra fancy fields are still there, too, in the extra tabs of the form widget pane. The Payments tab lets you add a payment field from a dozen payment processors including PayPal and Stripe, and the Widgets tab includes dozens of extra widgets that'll let your form take a picture, accept signatures, break form pages into tabs, play videos and presentations, and much more.

You can build smart forms, too, with JotForm's conditions that let you show or hide fields, calculate values, tweak the thank you page, or force specific fields to be required (or not) based on what your respondents enter in the form. Then, you can make customized email notifications, for you and those who fill out your form, with JotForm's email template editor. For everything else, JotForm integrations can save your form responses and put them to work in any of your favorite apps.

There are so many online form apps, it can be tricky to pick the best for your needs. But with its latest redesign, JotForm continues to lead the form market with new features that make it easier to gather data from anywhere—and put it to work without wasting your time.

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