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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated March 8, 2018

Problems don’t all come in one size. When you’re handling smaller support tickets from your customers, an email or phone-focused support tool is all you need. The inbox is your team’s checklist, and you answer tickets one after another.

If your company manages IT for others, though, a simple email or two won’t cut it. Your team will need to divide up tasks, dive into the problem, ship a solution within the timeframe you’ve promised with your Service Level Agreement or SLA, and bill them for the time and expenses incurred. Each issue is a project in itself, and you’ll have to prioritize each based on your commitments.

That’s the work Autotask’s designed for. An IT business management platform, it’s part helpdesk, part CRM, part project manager, part invoicing tool—everything your team needs to track their detailed support work with your clients.

It’s centered around customizable dashboards where you can add widgets to track anything you want—your own tasks, billable hours from your team, overdue tasks on your Tier II tickets, new projects with your top clients, and more. Underneath that is a detailed database that can track everything you need: contacts, projects, tickets, and more. Click something in a dashboard—the number of overdue tickets, say—and Autotask will open a database view that lists them all. Then, click an issue (or a contact, project, or anything else) and it’ll open in its own window for focused work.

While working on an issue, it’s easy to keep track of all the data right from your keyboard. There are keyboard shortcuts to add notes, expenses, time entries, and more so you can focus on your work of solving the issue while still making sure your company both hits its SLAs and bills accurately for the time and expenses incurred with this issue. Add notes while you’re working for things you’ve done, check off tasks, and even click a client’s name to add general notes to their profile if you come across something other team members may need to know the next time they’re working with them.

All the while, Autotask keeps track of your SLAs with each client so you’ll know what to work on next. If something more critical comes in, your dashboards will show it and you can switch over to that and make sure your team fulfills its commitments. And if you need help while helping others, there’s a built-in knowledge base where your team can write down standard solutions and store internal knowledge to help move work along faster.

Your clients will likely also want you to help them with new ideas—and Autotask can manage those projects right along with your support and maintenance work. You can create new proposals and projects for contacts, use templates to pull in standard tasks and details, and manage those tasks with the same tools that’ll help you hit deadlines and keep clients happy.

If your team needs a bit of a project manager, a bit of a CRM, and a bit of a helpdesk, Autotask can handle it all for your team. It’s a tool for those more difficult support tasks that turn into projects of their own.

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Autotask Features

  • Track issues and tickets together to prioritize work
  • Manage clients in a CRM that includes details about their projects and SLA
  • Organize tasks based on SLA to ensure you meet your commitments to clients
  • Track time and expense with issues and tracks
  • Create customized dashboards to see the most important data at a glance

Autotask Pricing

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