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Meet Zapier's 2022 No-Code Day Contest winner

By Zapier Editorial Team · August 5, 2022
A hero image of Caro coworking in Chicago

When we launched Zapier's inaugural No-Code Day contest, we wanted to see what cool things our customers have built using our product. We thought we'd receive a handful of submissions—instead, we were floored by the 400+ folks who sent in their incredible stories. We read each submission and were so impressed by the many creative ways that people are using no-code tools and Zapier to build entire workflows—and even entire companies. 

After evaluating all your submissions, we're excited to announce the winner of Zapier's No-Code Day Contest: Caro Griffin, VP of Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is the largest community of women in tech, whose primary mission is to help connect women with the best opportunities at the best companies. At Tech Ladies, Caro has built several workflows, but one of the most impactful was a revamp to their job board.

In 2020, Caro noticed an uptick in more clients asking about Tech Ladies' "resume book" for candidates in response to the wildly competitive hiring market. It's then that she realized that it was no longer enough for them to post a job and hope for the best—companies wanted to proactively reach out to great women in tech. Typically something like this would take weeks, if not months, and cost thousands of dollars if she hired an engineer. Instead, Caro went the no-code route and created the Tech Ladies Candidate Database in three days. 

The product helped Tech Ladies grow revenue by 400% in less than six months, made upwards of a million dollars, and is now the most profitable part of their business. 

"The hiring market is constantly changing and we wouldn’t be able to stay ahead of it without no-code tools. They allow us to be really strategic with the new products and services we invest our time and money into building, and that’s helped us grow so much faster than we would've been able to otherwise," says Caro.

Here's a look at what her workflow looks like:

  •  Members of the Tech Ladies community who meet certain criteria are automatically invited to apply to be included in the Candidate Database via Mailchimp.

  • They apply via an Airtable form, and their application is reviewed in Airtable by Tech Ladies' experienced career coaches and recruiters.

  • Eligible Tech Ladies are added to the Candidate Database via a Zap.

  • Clients who purchase a certain plan in Stripe are automatically given access to the Candidate Database in Softr via a Zap. (And canceled clients are automatically removed via a Zap too.)

  • Partners can log in to the database via Softr and reach out to candidates directly.

Tech Ladies was able to help dozens of companies add more women to their teams using this tool.

Inspired by growing Tech Ladies, Caro recently launched another organization, Opsy—a community for operations professionals working in tech. She plans to invest her winnings from Zapier's No-Code Day Contest into Opsy to help grow their community.

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