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Introducing Automatic Apparel by Zapier

Carefully curated swag, so you can look as good as Zapier makes you feel.

By Maeve McGeorge · September 12, 2023
Hero image showing Zapier swag

In 2011, Zapier co-founders Wade, Bryan, and Mike came together with a shared vision: make automation work for everyone. They transformed that vision into something tangible, enabling businesses to automate their mission-critical workflows. But Zapier's success wouldn't be possible without one key component. 

You, our customers. 

Every year, millions of you depend on Zapier to make your businesses more efficient, amounting to over 25 million Zaps and 2 billion tasks. You've taken these dreamed-up workflows and turned them into a reality. And along the way, you've grown to love Zapier as much as we love helping you grow your businesses. 

But your love goes beyond Zapier the product. We've seen customers develop their own merch shop just so they could have their own custom-branded Zapier robe. We've had customers who created their own custom Zapier stickers just because #customerloyalty. And of course, all those customers who've told us "Zapier makes you happier" over and over again. 

It's the sort of customer love that feels magical. 

Swag to streamline your work—and your style

That's why we're so excited to announce Automatic Apparel by Zapier, a custom merch line dedicated to the very customers who power Zapier. Because, in a digital age where moments pass quickly, tangible goods have an enduring presence. Our swag serves as a testament to this incredible community and lets you, our customers, be a part of our brand story wherever you go. 

With detailed yet simplistic designs meant to mirror the power and ease of automation with Zapier, our selection of carefully curated swag will help you look as good as Zapier makes you feel. 

What you'll find at Automatic Apparel

Zapier swag

Whether you're at your desk building Zaps or relaxing while your workflows run automatically, our Zapier gear is here to keep you powered up and inspired.  

Automate your cozy with our garment-dyed Zap On hoodie

Zapier Zap On hoodie

Check out these custom Best of You glass mugs, because the only daily grind should be the one in your mug. 

Zapier Best of You glass mugs

And there's much more. Explore the complete collection at Automatic Apparel by Zapier.

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