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Connect NoCRM.io to Slack for immediate clarity on deals

By Will Harris · February 8, 2024
A NoCRM logo and a Slack logo with a line connecting each, on a green background.

When our sales forefathers were introduced to "customer relationship management software" in the late 1980s, it came with the promise of better organization to help close deals faster. As those sellers of yore understood it, this new-fangled "CRM" tool would help them track all customer and lead information in one place. It was the perfect future.

Somewhere along the way, though, things changed. These CRM tools became bloated with add-ons and so-called productivity features that were anything but productive for sales-focused teams. As the number of tools involved in the modern-day sales tech stack continues to grow, it's easy to get slowed down by things like data entry or scouring for the right nugget of information that could advance a conversation.

Enter noCRM.io, a lightweight and effective sales tool that saves modern reps from administrative tedium. This new kind of CRM software was born out of "the frustration of traditional CRM solutions that slowed down salespeople and were often designed for marketers instead of salespeople," according to the company. NoCRM.io focuses on making it easy to add your leads quickly, customize your sales pipeline, and plan your action steps. A tool like noCRM.io gives your sales team everything it needs to work their leads—and nothing more.

Things get even smoother when you pair noCRM.io with Zapier's automation platform. For example, say you want to alert your team whenever a deal closes. You can set up a Zap—our word for an automated workflow—that sends a message to your team in Slack whenever a lead status changes to Won. That way, everyone is always in the loop on how deals are progressing and can celebrate accordingly.

The problem: You want to let your team know each time a deal closes, but there's no automatic way to be alerted. You could keep a tab open with your active leads and constantly refresh it to look for changes, but that takes a lot of time away from the more high-value work you could be doing. Plus, it's really easy to forget.

The solution: Set up a Zap that automatically sends a message to your team every time a lead's status changes to Won, saving you from constantly looking for those changes yourself. Plus, you can even pull in details from noCRM.io, like the name of the contact and the size of the deal, to give your team even more specifics.

A visual example of a Zapier automation that sends messages in Slack when a deal status is changed to "closed-won" in noCRM.io.

Ready to try it yourself? Get started with our pre-made workflows called Zap templates. Just click on the template below, and we'll guide you through the setup process. It only takes a few minutes.

Send channel messages on Slack when leads are won

Send channel messages on Slack when leads are won
  • noCRM.io logo
  • Slack logo
noCRM.io + Slack

Zap rating: Beginner

Pro tip: Don't use Slack to communicate with your team? No problem! Zapier also connects to Microsoft Teams or Gmail so that you can send messages to your team on those platforms as well. This is the start of all you can do with noCRM.io and Zapier. Whether you want to add new leads to noCRM.io automatically, send offline conversions to Google Ads, or enroll your new noCRM.io leads in marketing emails, you can do it all automatically with Zapier.

Just imagine what our sales ancestors would think if they saw us today. With noCRM.io, maybe we have finally achieved that perfect future.

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A Zap with the trigger 'When I get a new lead from Facebook,' and the action 'Notify my team in Slack'