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New and noteworthy apps: November 2023

The latest apps to join Zapier this month, plus updates to 21 integrations.

By Krystina Martinez · November 28, 2023
 Hero with logos for Google Workspace Admin, monday.com, Salesforce, Google Analytics 4, Buffer, Wix, Fillout Forms, formless, Microsoft Clarity, and ChatGPT

The year's almost over, but we're not slowing down yet. From Salesforce's powerful new search action to our new Microsoft Clarity integration, enjoy this automation feast filled with new and updated Zapier integrations. Here's what's new for November 2023:

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Updated integrations

Google Workspace Admin

Google Workspace Admin users can breathe a little easier with the new Revoke License action. Easily remove product licenses when employees no longer require access and allocate resources appropriately to keep your business-critical data secure.

Google Analytics 4

Our Google Analytics 4 integration now sends multiple measurement events from specific Google tags (Gtag) or a Firebase application. Add the Send Measurement Events for an Application action to your Zaps and generate deeper data insights today. 


Our Buffer integration now supports tags, so you can start automated workflows from new tags you've created, tagged ideas, posts, and even drafts. Build your library of social content and keep everything organized. 


Our ChatGPT integration has five new actions for the AI tinkerers out there. Create your own AI assistants and use them in Zaps with the Create Assistant, Find Assistant, and Create Conversation with Assistant actions. Need to work with files? We've got you covered with ChatGPT's Find File and Upload File actions. 


Stay on top of the latest project changes with the newest update to monday.com's Zapier integration. Trigger Zaps when multiple columns change in your project boards for even more automation possibilities. 

Fillout Forms

Zapier users have first access to Fillout Forms' Send Form action! Automatically send a form to specific email addresses and get the information you need faster.


You can never have enough search options in Salesforce. With the new Find Record(s) by Query search action, your Zaps can perform more advanced searches with the Salesforce Object Query (SOQL) WHERE clause. 


We have a gift for you, Wix users. With nine(!) new triggers, you can manage and grow your online presence faster, thanks to the power of automation.


No more digging for call info at the last minute. JustCall has a new search action that pulls the contact details you need. Add the Find Contact in Sales Dialer action to your workflows and stay on top of your sales calls. 


Retrieve your AI-generated videos with BHuman's new Get Video action. Send personalized videos to your customers at scale.

PassKit Membership

Create a smooth experience for your customers with the latest PassKit Membership actions. Now, you can automatically send a welcome email to new members and even update their membership details. 


Keep tabs on your Callingly leads with the new Lead Update trigger. Start workflows when new notes are added to your leads and keep prospects moving through the sales funnel.


Skipio has recently taken two actions to automate your event processes even further. Search for specific Skipio events with the Find Event action, then use the Add Contact to Event action to add attendees. 


Keeping up with a packed day of customer appointments is challenging, so let RepCard's new Appointment Outcome trigger handle your calendar. Kick-off Zaps whenever a status changes on a RepCard appointment and tackle last-minute changes confidently.


Launch client projects from templates quickly with Moxie's new Create Project action. Streamline your project workflows and focus on delivering results.

Sign In Scheduling

Appointment changes are inevitable, but you'll be ready for anything with Sign In Scheduling's Appointment Changed trigger. Automate workflows based on appointment changes so you can prepare for your next meeting—or reschedule if needed.


Keep tabs on webinar engagement no matter the format with two new WebinarGeek triggers. New Live Viewer starts Zaps when someone watches a live or automated webinar at the scheduled time. Track views for webinar replays, on-demand events, and more with the New Viewer Started Watching trigger.


PDF management is even easier with the latest updates to our PDF.co integration. You can automatically add barcodes, text, images, and even form fields to a PDF with four new PDF.co actions. 

Cin7 Core Inventory

Stay on top of sales activities with Cin7 Core Inventory's New Sale trigger. Manage purchases, inventory, suppliers, and much more. 


Keep your event attendees engaged with eWebinar's New Conversation trigger. Monitor and respond to attendee queries in real time and create memorable experiences. 


Take care of customers with Chekkit's New Textchat Message trigger. Create Zaps that send notifications, track conversations, or other tasks whenever a customer sends a message through your site's chat widget. 

New integrations

A grid of 10 app logos: Microsoft Clarity, Copy.ai, formless, CustomGPT, Bilionis, Casting42, ExhibitDay, FinalScout, Jackrabbit Class, and Pathmonk.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a free behavior analytics tool that captures how people use your site and generates insights.


Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriter for your business that generates on-brand, high-quality marketing content.


formless is an AI-powered form solution created by Typeform that helps companies generate leads through engaging conversations.


CustomGPT is a privacy-first platform that allows businesses to create AI chatbots with their own content. 


Bilionis is a sales tool that helps businesses find new customers in major European markets.


Casting42 is a talent search database for casting directors, agents, and production companies.


ExhibitDay is a planning and project management tool for trade shows and exhibits. 


FinalScout is an AI-powered sales prospecting tool that generates outreach emails from LinkedIn profiles.

Jackrabbit Class

Jackrabbit Class is a cloud-based class management software for youth sports and activities.


Plug&Pay is an all-in-one platform for creating checkout pages and selling online subscriptions.


Pathmonk is an AI-powered personalization tool that helps you generate more conversations from your website. 


Torod is a shipping and delivery platform for eCommerce businesses.

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