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21 free Google Sheets templates to boost productivity [2024]

By Allisa Boulette · December 22, 2023
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As a content marketer at a fast-paced agency, I've developed a not-so-healthy reliance on Google Sheets templates. They help me visualize complex data at a glance, transform chaotic brainstorming sessions into organized strategies, and keep my content on track. I cling to spreadsheets like Rose clung to that door in Titanic—unyielding, life-saving, and a bit dramatic, but absolutely necessary.

In this blog post, I'll share 21 ready-to-use Google Sheets templates made by yours truly and walk you through how they can bring efficiency to your projects.

Is a Google Sheets template right for you?

First, ask yourself what you're trying to achieve. While the below templates offer convenience and efficiency for various tasks, there are scenarios where dedicated software might be a better fit. Here's how to determine what's right for you.

Use a Google Sheets template if:

  • You need a quick, straightforward solution for tasks like budget tracking or simple project planning.

  • Basic, pre-designed formats and structures suit your needs without much alteration.

  • You want to collaborate without a headache. If you're the type who loves group projects, Google Sheets lets you collaborate without wanting to pull your hair out.

  • You're looking for a free or cost-effective tool that integrates well with other Google apps.

Consider dedicated software if:

  • Your tasks require complex, specialized functionalities that a basic spreadsheet looks at with wide-eyed terror.

  • You need software customized to your unique needs, like a made-to-order burrito—add what you want, leave out what you don't, guac costs extra.

  • Advanced data analysis, with sophisticated reporting and forecasting tools, is a necessity.

  • You require robust integration capabilities with a wider range of applications beyond the Google ecosystem.

Evaluating your specific needs against these points can tip the scale between Google Sheets templates and dedicated software. It's like deciding between staying in pajamas all day or putting on your fanciest evening outfit. (Mine also happens to be pajamas.) Both have their charm, but it really depends on what kind of day you're planning.

If you think a specialized tool might be more your speed, check out the following app roundups that do a lot of the same things these templates do, and more:

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21 free Google Sheets templates

The following Google Sheets templates let you hit the ground running, so you can focus on the important stuff, like taking credit for these beautiful spreadsheets.

1. Expense report template 

Screenshot of Zapier’s expense report Google Sheets template
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An expense report template helps track and organize expenses incurred by employees or departments. It simplifies the process of managing expenditures by providing structured fields for items like date, category, and amount spent, supporting easy recording and analysis. Perfect for when you need to justify that "business lunch" that was really just you eating a sandwich while hovering over the break room sink.

2. Cash flow template

Screenshot of Zapier’s cash flow Google Sheets template
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A cash flow spreadsheet helps you stay on top of your business's income and expenses. This template makes it easy to track your cash flow over time, so you can spot trends, anticipate shortfalls, and make data-driven decisions.

3. Invoice template 

Screenshot of Zapier’s invoice Google Sheets template
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Use Google Sheets to create and manage client invoices for services rendered or products sold. This template tracks details like customer information, itemized charges, payment terms, and outstanding balances. You can even connect it to Zapier to automate your invoicing process.

4. Balance sheet template

Screenshot of Zapier’s balance sheet Google Sheets template
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A balance sheet template provides a snapshot of your business's financial health. It shows what you own (assets), what you owe (liabilities), and your net worth (equity) at a given point in time.

It's a useful tool for managing your company's funds and ensuring you have enough cash on hand to cover expenses. It also helps determine if business is booming or if you should start selling office furniture.

5. Profit and loss statement template

Screenshot of Zapier’s profit and loss Google Sheets template
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A profit and loss statement, or P&L, is one of the most important spreadsheets for any business because it shows whether you're making or losing money. It's like a business's report card, revealing whether you're top of the class or the kid who eats paste in the back.

This Google Sheets P&L template makes it easy to track your revenue, costs, and profits over a period of time. Simply plug in your income sources and expenses, and the spreadsheet automatically calculates your net profit.

 6. Small business budget template

Screenshot of Zapier’s small business budget Google Sheets template
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When it comes to budgets, most mere mortals would rather read the entire tax code than create one from scratch, which is why I'm repurposing one from Zapier's small business budget templates.

This template makes it simple to track all of your budgets and projections, forecasting your revenue and expenses for the fiscal year.

Staying on budget is key to the success of any small business. It's the financial tightrope you walk, juggling hopes, dreams, and the harsh reality of how much printer ink actually costs. This free Google Sheets template gives you an easy way to monitor your financial performance and make data-driven decisions. 

7. Payroll template

Screenshot of Zapier’s payroll Google Sheets template
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A Google Sheets payroll template provides an easy, low-cost solution to handle employee compensation for small businesses that don't outsource payroll or use specialized software.

The template has areas to track hours worked, pay rates, and formulas to automatically calculate gross and net pay for each employee based on their hourly rates and deductions.

At the end of each pay period, you can use automation to generate payslips to send to your staff along with their direct deposits or checks. Keeping good records of all payments and deductions will make managing tax season much easier.

8. Project plan template

Screenshot of Zapier’s project plan Google Sheets template
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This project plan Google Sheets template helps you map out all the steps required to complete a project. Break down your project into actionable tasks, assign deadlines, and allocate resources, so you have a clear roadmap to get the work done.

With a comprehensive project plan in place, you'll have confidence that no detail will slip through the cracks.

9. OKR template

Screenshot of Zapier’s OKR Google Sheets template
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Let's face it: coming up with objectives and key results (OKR) is rough enough without having to build your own template to track them. Luckily, some kind soul has done the work for you. (It's me—I'm the kind soul.)

This template lets you define your OKRs, set deadlines, note progress, and see how you stack up against key milestones at a glance. All you need to do is plug in your goals, add some metrics to measure success, and you've got yourself an accountability mechanism. What more could an aspiring overachiever ask for?

Not only will you have a roadmap to keep your team on track, but you'll also get to unleash your inner control freak. Win-win.

10. Project management template

Screenshot of Zapier’s project management Google Sheets template
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A project management spreadsheet is clutch for keeping tasks, timelines, and team members organized. This Google Sheets template gives you a pre-built sheet with sections for tasks, owners, start/end dates, durations, and notes. Fill in the details for your project, assigning tasks to the appropriate team members and setting realistic timelines.

A good project management spreadsheet predicts how the chaos of your projects might settle into success, showing who's doing what, which balls are in the air, and when they might land.

11. Gantt chart template

Screenshot of Zapier’s Gantt chart Google Sheets template
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A Gantt chart template helps you visually lay out project timelines and schedules. Using horizontal bars, it breaks down task durations, dependencies, and critical paths. It helps manage project schedules, identify bottlenecks, and communicate progress effectively.

To get started, list your project tasks in the first column. In the next column, estimate how long each task will take. See at a glance which tasks overlap or depend on others finishing first. It's like a timeline wearing a party hat. 

12. Inventory template

Screenshot of Zapier’s inventory Google Sheets template
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I originally created this inventory template a few years ago because I needed a simple solution to track my small business's stock. Its simplicity means it can fit a variety of inventory tracking needs. Use it to keep tabs on office supplies, company-owned equipment, or your vintage muscle car collection. (Ok, Jay Leno.)

Track all your items and their location, quantity, value, and comments (in case you want to record that dent in your '67 Mustang's fender). Formulas calculate totals automatically, so you can stop struggling with the calculator app on your phone. You can even integrate this template with Zapier to automatically pull in up-to-date product inventory details. 

13. Event budget template

Screenshot of Zapier’s event budget Google Sheets template
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An event budget spreadsheet provides an easy way to track your event income, expenses, sponsors, and more. Simply plug in your numbers, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate totals, so you always know where you stand financially.

Whether planning a conference, fundraiser, or company event, this free template puts you in control of your budget and ensures no cost is left unaccounted for. You'll be able to throw the party of the year without dreading the financial aftermath. Let the spreadsheet do the math while you focus on more important things, like showcasing those sweet Macarena moves. 

14. Project timeline template

Screenshot of Zapier’s project timeline Google Sheets template
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A timeline template is a visual way to represent and track events or tasks over time. It's a handy feature for project management, historical timelines, and even personal scheduling.

You can create a timeline in Google Sheets by selecting the data range that contains your dates and tasks and then clicking Insert > Timeline.

15. Sales dashboard template

Screenshot of Zapier’s sales dashboard Google Sheets template
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A sales dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your sales metrics and KPIs, so you can check progress and spot trends. You'll want to customize it to show the numbers that matter most to your company.

Keep it simple by focusing on essentials like:

  • Total sales volume

  • Sales growth

  • Average deal size

  • Win rate

Share the file with your sales team, so everyone's on the same page about progress and priorities. Schedule time each week to review the dashboard together and determine ways to boost numbers or address issues.

With a few clicks, this template transforms into a dashboard tailored to track your sales team's progress so you can whip them into shape. Or gently encourage them with pizza.

16. Social media calendar template

Screenshot of Zapier’s social media calendar Google Sheets template
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This social media calendar template helps take the guesswork out of your social strategy so you can focus on creating content your audience will love. With all your social posts mapped out in one place, it's hard to double-book content or miss an opportunity to post. Using a Google Sheets social media calendar keeps your online presence organized and consistent.

17. Content calendar template

Screenshot of Zapier’s content calendar Google Sheets template
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If there's one thing marketers love, it's convincing you that your life is a desolate wasteland without their latest product. Coming in a close second is content calendars.

A content calendar template offers a structured framework for planning and organizing all content-related activities, including blog posts, videos, email newsletters, and more. Typically, it includes fields for content topics, responsible parties, deadlines, and publishing channels.

By effectively tracking your publication schedule, a content calendar template ensures consistent and timely content delivery, contributing to a more successful content marketing strategy.

18. Timesheet template

Screenshot of Zapier’s timesheet Google Sheets template
Make a copy

This timesheet spreadsheet lets you log your hours and tasks for each day of the week, keeping a running total, so you always know where you stand—no more guesswork or scrambling to remember what you did three days ago. Just plug in your hours as you go for a clear picture of your time usage and maximum time management.

 19. Time-blocking template

Screenshot of Zapier’s time-blocking Google Sheets template
Make a copy

A time-blocking template helps you visualize how you spend your time each day, so you can optimize your schedule. This template breaks down your day into 15-minute increments, with columns for each day of the week.

If used properly, this template can transform you into a productivity pro. But also remember that no spreadsheet can replace listening to your body and honoring your own humanity. Take a walk sometimes. Call your mom. Scream into a pillow. Your time-blocking sheet will be there when you get back.

20. To-do list template

Screenshot of Zapier’s to-do list Google Sheets template
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A Google Sheets to-do list template is a simple yet effective way to organize your day. It can help you gain clarity, focus your efforts, and achieve more.

You can customize the template by adding or removing columns to suit your needs. For example, you may want columns for:

  • Priority: Assign a priority level like high, medium, or low

  • Due date: Add the target completion date for the task

  • Subtasks: Break down larger tasks into smaller steps

  • Status: Update the status to not started, in progress, or completed

Keep your list up-to-date, and be sure to regularly review priorities to maintain an efficient workflow. Before you know it, you'll be on top of your to-do list and have a squeaky clean slate. Easier than dealing with all those crumpled Post-it notes, no?

21. Habit tracker template

Screenshot of Zapier’s habit tracker Google Sheets template
Make a copy

A habit tracker keeps you accountable and helps you build better habits. This Google Sheets template is so shiny and full of promise, like that gym membership I enthusiastically signed up for and then used exactly once so I could take a shower when my plumbing was out.

Simply list the habits you want to track down the left column. Each day you complete a habit, check off the corresponding box. At the end of the month, you'll have a visual record of your progress. 

The great thing about digital habit trackers is you can tweak them as needed. Maybe you want to track habits over a year to get the bigger picture. You might add columns for rewards or accountability partners. Get creative—the point is to make this template work for you so you'll actually stick with it.

Tips for creating your own Google Sheets template

Google Sheets is a powerful tool, but that power means nothing if you can't figure out how to harness it for your specific needs. Herepe are a few simple tips for building templates in Google Sheets that you can use again and again.

  • Explore Google's built-in template gallery: Google's built-in template gallery offers free templates for budgets, invoices, project plans, and more. Simply open a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets (tip: type sheet.new into your browser) and click File > New > From template gallery. Pick one that suits your needs, and the sheet will open, pre-populated with the template.

Screenshot of Google's template gallery
  • Understand your data: Before you can build an effective template, you need to understand what kind of data you're working with. Are you tracking expenses, managing a project, or something else?

  • Keep it simple: Once you determine the purpose, think about the most essential information. Keep your template simple by only including crucial details. You can always add more later, but start with the basics. If you want to show off your spreadsheet skills, start a YouTube channel.

  • Utilize advanced features for enhanced functionality: Once you have the basics down, utilize some of Sheets' advanced features to make your template even more powerful.

    • Formulas can calculate sums, averages, percentages, or whatever metrics you need. With a simple =SUM() or =VLOOKUP(), your template will instantly become more dynamic.

    • Conditional formatting allows you to apply custom styles automatically based on cell values. Use it to highlight numbers over a certain value, color-code categories, or flag outliers.

    • Add-ons are mini-apps that extend the functionality of Google Sheets. There are add-ons for project management, billing, inventory management, and more. The right add-on can turn a basic template into a robust tool.

  • Collaborate with team members: One of the best parts of Google Sheets is its ability to collaborate with others. Give teammates access to your template and work together in real time. Take advantage of features like comments, chat, and revision history to keep everyone on the same page, literally. 

  • Integrate Sheets with other Google tools: As part of the Google ecosystem, Sheets plays well with other Google Workspace apps. For example, you can create a chart from data in a Gmail message, embed Google Sheets directly into Google Docs, use Google Forms to collect data that is then automatically populated in a Google Sheet, or use Google Apps Script to automate tasks in Google Sheets.

Streamline Google Sheets templates with automation

To get the most out of Google Sheets templates, you can connect them with other tools you already use. Zapier lets you connect Google Sheets to thousands of other apps. Set up a Zap to instantly transfer info between Sheets and your other tools. Learn more about how to automate Google Sheets, or get started with one of these pre-made workflows.

Post to Microsoft Teams channels with new or updated Google Sheets rows

Post to Microsoft Teams channels with new or updated Google Sheets rows
  • Google Sheets logo
  • Microsoft Teams logo
Google Sheets + Microsoft Teams

Send Gmail emails for new Google Sheet spreadsheet rows

Send Gmail emails for new Google Sheet spreadsheet rows
  • Google Sheets logo
  • Gmail logo
Google Sheets + Gmail

Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads to rows on Google Sheets

Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads to rows on Google Sheets
  • Facebook Lead Ads logo
  • Google Sheets logo
Facebook Lead Ads + Google Sheets

Collect new Typeform responses as rows on Google Sheets

Collect new Typeform responses as rows on Google Sheets
  • Typeform logo
  • Google Sheets logo
Typeform + Google Sheets

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