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    The Zapier rebrand: How we developed a single story for infinite possibilities

    Zapier has been around for over a decade, but we've never had a clear way that we talk about our brand. It was time to shift perception toward a more expansive vision of how automation will change how businesses run and how Zapier makes that happen.

    By Janine Anderson

    6 min read

  • Zapier brand logo

    Zapier's new look

    For our customers, Zapier is a platform full of possibilities. And for Zapier, our customers are our brand.

    By Michael Jeter

    2 min read

  • Hero image announcing 5,000 partner apps

    By Emily Seegmiller

    3 min read

  • The Zapier logo on an orange background

    Why Zapier is built to weather a recession

    Here's why Zapier is hiring more, even during an economic downturn.

    By Bonnie Dilber

    2 min read

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  • The Makerpad and Zapier logos

    Getting started with no-code: a free course from Makerpad and Zapier

    I'm Ben, and in 2019, I founded Makerpad.

    By Ben Tossell

    2 min read

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