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Easily add YouCanBook.Me contacts to your CRM

By Elena Alston · July 18, 2022

If you've ever tried to schedule appointments with your potential and existing customers, you probably understand the hassle of finding a time that works for both parties. Between different time zones, hectic work schedules, and constant emails back and forth, customer communication can be anything but seamless. 

YouCanBook.Me aims to solve those problems. The scheduling tool lets you only share the times you want with your customers through your booking page—so they can schedule appointments with you that go straight into your calendar. Plus, they'll also receive notifications, reminders, and calendar invites. 

Let's say you use a CRM like ActiveCampaign to store, track, and manage your customer's information. Transferring those contact details from each calendar booking is time-consuming, particularly if a lot of your work day involves speaking to customers. 

You can set up a simple Zap (our word for automated workflows) that automatically creates a new contact in ActiveCampaign whenever someone books a call with you through YouCanBook.Me. 

The challenge: Creating or updating a contact in your CRM pipeline shouldn't be done manually. When your customers submit their contact information using a different tool, it can be time-consuming to transfer those details into ActiveCampaign to make sure the records are all up to date. 

The solution: Save yourself the time and hassle of regularly copying and pasting customer information into ActiveCampaign. Automatically create ActiveCampaign contacts every time a customer schedules an appointment with you through YouCanBook.Me, keeping an oiled marketing funnel. 

Create contacts from YouCanBook.Me

Ready to try it yourself? To get started with a Zap template—our pre-made workflows—just click on it, and we'll guide you through the set-up process. It only takes a few minutes.

Create or update ActiveCampaign contacts for new YouCanBook.Me bookings

Create or update ActiveCampaign contacts for new YouCanBook.Me bookings
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YouCanBookMe + ActiveCampaign

Zap difficulty: Beginner

Top tip: If you use a different CRM tool (that's not ActiveCampaign), don't worry! You can use any CRM tool that connects with Zapier! Just search for the tools you use in our App Directory.

This is just the start of all that you can do with YouCanBook.Me and Zapier. Zapier supports thousands of apps, so you can automate almost any task at work. Start building your Zap now, and see what you can create. 

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