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Keep your company adaptable with automation

By Will Harris · May 10, 2024

If we've learned anything so far in the 2020s, it's that businesses need to be adaptable if they want to make it in the long run.

We're only four years into the decade, and we've had to deal with a pandemic, a pivot to remote work, the rise of AI, a boom in tech hiring, and a boom in tech layoffs. Just to name a few.

All of these are stories that could have conceivably defined a decade, and we got them all in four years. That's a lot for businesses to navigate. So, how do you keep your business nimble and ready to adapt when needed? Automation can play a pivotal role.

Zapier is the leader in workflow automation—integrating with 6,000+ apps from partners like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Use interfaces, data tables, and logic to build secure, automated systems for your business-critical workflows across your organization's technology stack. Learn more.

Automation helps you scale

Business leaders know that the behaviors that got them to, say, $10 million in revenue aren't the same behaviors that will get them to $100 million in revenue. 

Automation helps make your business processes scalable. It gives employees the agency to set up workflows and connect apps on their own—without sacrificing safety and security. Things get done faster, your team can focus on more important work, and you don't need to hire more people to get more done. 

Take our friends at Smart Charge America, for example. They didn't have the personnel bandwidth to send quotes to all the leads they were getting, which meant they were missing out on potential new business. 

To scale this process, they knew they had to respond to leads faster and automate the quote process. So, they created a workflow that collects lead information from an online form, adds it to their customer relationship management (CRM) tool, assigns the lead to a rep, and saves the images they need to finish the quote in a Google Drive folder—all automatically. With the help of Zapier, they're able to send 15 more quotes per day. Here are the workflows they used.

Add Copper leads for new Typeform entries

Add Copper leads for new Typeform entries
  • Typeform logo
  • Copper logo
Typeform + Copper

Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive

Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive
  • Gmail logo
  • Filter by Zapier logo
  • Google Drive logo
Gmail + Filter by Zapier + Google Drive

"Without Zapier, we would have needed well over 100 employees today just to do what we're doing. We would have been out of business by now," said David Laderberg, Vice President at Smart Charge America.

Automation can help your technical teams focus on the most meaningful work—the work that drives revenue. Talk to our sales team about Zapier Enterprise and unlock safe, secure automation that all your teams can take advantage of.

Automation helps you switch tools

Technology is moving at a more rapid pace than ever, which means we have access to more tools than ever. When an app comes around that could improve the way your business processes work, you should be able to use it without worrying about how it'll affect all the other tools in your tech stack.

Maybe you come across a new project management tool that'd be a better fit for your growing organization, but it doesn't have the native integrations you need to connect it to the rest of your tech stack. You could let that stop you, or you could turn to a tool like Zapier.

With a library of 6,000+ integrations, you can rest assured that you'll be able to connect your new software with all of your tools—even the niche ones.

Automation helps you test new ideas

When COVID knocked the world off its axis in early 2020, a lot of businesses needed to pivot quickly. Whether it was software companies needing to add new features to make their tools remote-friendly or restaurants navigating how to offer curbside delivery, we all needed to deploy new offerings fast.

Don't lose that speed and experimentation mindset just because you're not in crisis mode. Using no-code tools like Zapier Interfaces and Tables—powered by automation in the background—anyone on your team can quickly launch and test new ideas without needing to wait for help from a developer.

Whether you want to create a customer support portal, add a custom chatbot to your website, or build an entire CRM, you can use Zapier to build and test these tools quickly.  

Stay nimble with automation

The bigger your organization, the easier it is to lose that nimble edge. Automation enables your company to make swift changes based on shifting market demands. This agility is crucial for staying competitive in dynamic industries where adapting is the key to success. 

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