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How to Fax with RingCentral

Most people, in this day and age, don't send faxes very often. But every once a while, it's necessary. Here's how to use RingCentral to send a fax. We're assuming you already have a RingCentral account; subscriptions with faxing start at $25 a month, but there is a 15-day free...

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Save RingCentral call recordings to Google Drive

RingCentral + Google Drive

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Archive ended RingCentral calls in Google Sheets

RingCentral + Google Sheets

Log new RingCentral calls to your RepairShopr account

RingCentral + RepairShopr

Send RingCentral SMS messages from received ones

RingCentral + RingCentral

Send missed RingCentral calls to Glip

RingCentral + Glip

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