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As a CRM-focused app, contacts are at the center of ActiveCampaign. Use forms and app integrations to bring in contacts and build detailed profiles on each person you add including social info and their interactions with your emails and site. It even integrates with your email app so you can see your conversations with each of your contacts. Then you can use a kanban board to organize your leads and deals with your contacts by their stage. ActiveCampaign then lets you segment your contacts by their info and market directly to them.

Along the way, you can use email newsletters to your whole list or targeted at specific audiences to push people towards making the purchase. ActiveCampaign includes a drag-and-drop email template editor, just like you’d expect from email newsletter apps that are designed only around sending emails. You can quickly design beautiful emails, add the content you want and store pictures in ActiveCampaign to reuse later, then send them out to your contact lists—no separate email newsletter app needed. You can send automated emails every time your team publishes something new on your blog with its RSS integration. And with the rich amounts of data you have in your ActiveCampaign CRM, you can target emails to the right people better than ever.

Newsletters are great when you’ve got news to share, but you can use email for so much more. ActiveCampaign combines its CRM and email features into a powerful marketing automation setup to automate your work with contacts. Using a flowchart interface, you can use if/else statements to pick when people get certain emails, then automatically add tags, assign a task to your team, or send the contact a special coupon via email or SMS. You’ll be able to easily onboard new customers, market to potential customers when they visit certain parts of your site, convince undecided leads to become customers, and more automatically, just by setting up the autoresponders you want.

That leads you back to the CRM where it all starts with your contacts. Each email newsletter, drip message, and interaction pushes them a bit closer to making the purchase, and your team can speed things along with personal outreach, calls, and meetings that you'll have more time for now that ActiveCampaign is handling all the routine tasks. It's a suite of tools that will help you turn your contacts into customers with tools that grow with your business needs.

Originally published January 5, 2015; updated June 25, 2018 with new pricing, screenshots, and features

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