Apps on Zapier#

Zapier supports hundreds of web apps, not all of which have help documentation yet.

You can see a list of all the supported apps here.

Beta Apps#

Apps with the Beta label are newly available in Zapier. If you're using one of the Beta apps, you're on the cutting edge of what's possible in Zapier.

Legacy Apps#

From time to time you might see the name of an integration followed by (Legacy) like so:


Don't panic though, this just means a new update has been released.

There may be times when changes are major, instead of updating the existing version you're using we'll create a new version. This is to prevent your current Zaps from breaking and allows you to either update at your leisure or remain using the legacy version if you'd prefer.

From time to time you may receive an email from us, encouraging you to upgrade if the legacy version is going to become deprecated in the future.

Upcoming Apps#

Note that some of the apps listed on the Zapbook are not yet supported. This text (and the Upcoming label) indicates an app is currently under consideration for future development:

Planned Development

You can find out how new apps are added to Zapier here