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What's new from Zapier partners

The latest resources and events from your trusted automation tools.

By Elena Alston · April 13, 2023
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Keep up with the topics that matter to you—all in one place. Here are the latest events and resources across automation, brought to you by Zapier partner apps in your tech stack. Find out what your favorite apps are up to, and discover tips and tricks to better automate your business-critical work.

What's new in April


Today in Paperform: 6 ways to automate lead management with Zapier

Want to know the areas of lead management most marketers would rather automate? Chances are they're the ones you're looking to automate, too. Paperform covers how, together with Zapier, you can streamline everything from data entry to file storage and team communication so you can get back to doing what you're best at. 

Check it out here. 

Today in Basin: How to automate your lead management process

Get Basin's take on how to best leverage the power of automation, so you can boost conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and team collaboration. Hint: it has to do with lead management, and it could be a game-changer for your business. 

Get the take here. 

Today in Poptin: 5 automated workflows to generate more leads

Want to generate more leads via popups? Poptin explores how to combine the power of popups and Zapier to help businesses do everything from converting more leads and maximizing profitability to refining conversion rates for new customers on your website. 

Find out how here. 

Today in Perspective: How to automate your sales funnel

According to Perspective, any time a lead enters your funnel, the real journey to conversion begins. Explore how Perspective and Zapier let you automate everything from following up with leads to adding contacts to your CRM to sending customers marketing emails.  

Get their tips and tricks.

What's new in March


Today in Formaloo: Marketing automation made easy

Formaloo explores how to pair their app with Zapier to simplify the marketing automation process across lead generation, helping businesses boost their efficiency and productivity. From putting tracking systems in place to adding new leads to your CRM, Formaloo covers its most popular automated workflows.

Check it out here.

Today in forms.app: How to generate leads automatically

forms.app covers how to integrate forms with other applications to automate the lead generation process and ultimately improve sales. Discover the best workflows that do the heavy lifting for you when generating and transferring leads to the right systems, improving customer communication, and closing deals.

Check it out here. 

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