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Announcing: Zapier Tables

Store, edit, share, and automate your data—all in one place.

By Jessica Lau · May 8, 2023
Two side-by-side graphics from Zapier Tables. The left image is a list of Zapier Tables with the cursor hovering over a button that reads "Create Zap." The right image is a list of four possible automations you can create from Tables.

At Zapier, we understand the value of automation. Based on the Zapier Community's collective task usage—two billion per month—it's clear you do too. And with all these tasks being automated, it's even more critical to have an efficient and reliable way to manage the data that powers your workflows. 

That's why we're excited to introduce Zapier Tables (now in beta)—a better way for you to store and use your data. 

Built for automation 

If you currently manage your data in spreadsheets and databases, we get it. They're the tried-and-true tools for storing information. (Spreadsheets are also handy for building fun things like your own block-pushing puzzle or even a working poker table.) 

But what happens when you need to connect your data to other apps? Or automate a workflow using that data? More often than not, you're forced to hack together a workaround to get the job done. While that might work in a pinch, it's not a sustainable solution and could cause more problems down the line. 

Zapier Tables was built for automation, so when you need to use your data to power automated workflows, incorporating automation into the process is seamless. 

Want to learn more about Zapier Tables? Check out our Zapier Tables guide for a full breakdown. 

What's possible with Zapier Tables 

We're not suggesting Zapier Tables replace your current spreadsheet or database apps. But if you have Zaps that rely heavily on data from a spreadsheet, here are a few ways Zapier Tables could improve your existing processes: 

  • Build approval steps within your Zaps. Give processes like approving proposals and expenses the human touch it needs.

  • Create dynamic lookup tables. Update a dropdown menu, compare data across apps, and more.

  • Create a memory bank for Zaps. Consolidate and store data from various apps for future use in the same or different Zaps.

If you haven't tried Tables already, head to your Zapier account to get started, or check out our support guide for more information.

Zapier Tables: Your database upgraded 

We're all about finding ways to work better here at Zapier—whether through automation or simplification. With Zapier Tables, we've merged automation and simplification to give you everything you need to power your Zaps—no hacks necessary. 

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