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Teamwork Projects is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

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Teamwork Features

  • Milestone-focused projects
  • Quickly add to-dos from a list
  • Update team with 160-character status messages
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Templates for task lists, welcome emails, projects and more
  • Notebooks and links to share data internally
  • iOS and Android apps available

Teamwork Pricing

  • Free for 2 projects and 100MB storage
  • $12/month Personal plan for 5 projects, 1GB storage, and unlimited users
  • $24/month Startup plan for 15 projects, 5GB storage, and Google Drive integration
  • $49/month Small Office plan for 40 projects, 20GB storage, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox integration, and custom domain
  • $99/month Office plan for 85 projects, 45GB storage, and Small Office plan features
  • $99/month Professional plan for 200 projects, 100GB storage, and custom CSS
  • $249/month Professional plan for 500 projects, 400GB storage, and custom CSS

Last updated March 9, 2016. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Teamwork Review

Milestones are those important stakes-in-the-ground that give a project momentum, and keep your team focused on the end goal. You could work endlessly on any tasks, but odds are, you need to eventually finish this project and move on to the next big thing.

Teamwork Projects is a project management tool that offers many of the tools you'd expect: tasks, group messages, time tracking, and more. Open the app, and you'll see a quick overview of your team's activity—new tasks, messages, completed goals, and the like. But one tab over, milestones are what Teamwork puts the emphasis on—that, and the time period the tasks are supposed to be completed within.

It starts when you create a new projects, where Teamwork Projects asks you to add a start and due date along with a description and more. That frames your work: you've got to start here, and get done by then. Next, add a task list and put in your tasks, either entering them individually or bulk-adding them as a plain text list, with @names to assign tasks and due dates in brackets. Now, all that's left is to set your milestones—complete with start and due dates—and select a task list to tie to that milestone. You can then get to work, checking off tasks and collaborating with your team, and the milestones page will update your progress automatically.

Your first project might take a bit to setup, but future projects don't have to. Teamwork Projects includes templates for everything: welcome emails, task lists, and much more. Take some time to set those up, perhaps with default tasks for new projects, and you'll be able to get your next big thing started even quicker.

Milestones and tasks are only to remind you of the goals and things needed to get there. To actually accomplish them, you'll need a place to store your work files, talk to your team, and turn the time spent into invoices for client work. Teamwork Projects includes all of that. You can add notebooks (which each are individual notes) to document your work, share links for quick reference, and track time and expenses spent on a project to turn into an invoice that can be sent to another app like QuickBooks or saved as a PDF. There's discussions, and team chat if you add on the Teamwork Chat tool. And, if you need to handle customer support, the Teamwork Desk puts your support tickets just a click away.

Staying in touch with your team is easy, too. If you don't have something long enough for a message, and don't really need to chat, you can just post a 160-character status update. It's a Twitter (or AIM away message) way to keep up with what each person on your team's currently working on. Then, you can subscribe to Teamwork's numerous RSS feeds, to keep up with your team's status messages, completed tasks, and more from your news reader.

It's easy to keep up with tasks in almost any app, but sometimes it's hard to push projects to completion. Teamwork Projects just might be the nudge you need to stay focused on that finish line, and get your projects done on time.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated March 9, 2016.

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