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ShipStation simplifies it all. It pulls in all of your orders, can automatically apply a shipping service preset for each one, and then prints out your shipping and return labels along with inserts and invoices to put in the box with just a couple of clicks. All you'll have to do is stick the label on the packages and get them out for shipment.

You'll start by connecting ShipStation to the services that help you run your business. It includes integrations with online stores, including Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, BitCommerce, WooCommerce, and more—along with payment apps like Stripe and Square. Then, add your shipping services. ShipStation includes free integration with USPS via, along with tools to connect your UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other shipping services. Or, if you use Amazon Fulfillment, ShipStation can tell Amazon to ship your orders for you, automatically, no matter where they're sold.

If you're handling your own shipping, though, ShipStation will automatically generate labels for each order with the shipping services you've connected. It'll also make you a pick list, so you'll know which products you need to get ready for shipment. For flat shipping rates inside one country, you can just have ShipStation make the same labels for each order. Or, you can customize everything as much as you want.

For that, list your products in ShipStation, adding as much detail as possible: dimensions, weight, and customs info if are selling your products internationally. Then, you can add shipping rules to ship each order the way that makes the most sense for the products in it. You could have it ship all small domestic orders via your local postal service, while using another service for large or international packages. It can automatically register or add insurance to more valuable orders, or compare rates for each package to see what's the cheapest way to ship that specific order.

ShipStation will include all of that info in your shipping labels, and will log the tracking numbers for each order. It can then email your customers telling them their orders have shipped, complete with the tracking numbers and estimated delivery date. It can even add that data back to your eCommerce platform, marking orders as shipped and logging tracking data. And if you need to process a return, customers can use the return label you included to send the product back, and ShipStation can help you track those returned items as well.

Processing orders for shipment will still take time, but ShipStation makes it much easier by telling you want to ship, figuring out how to ship each item, and letting customers know when you've mailed their product. You'll save time—and you might even save money by letting ShipStation figure out the best way to ship each package.

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ShipStation Pricing

  • $9/month Starter plan for 1 user, 50 shipments/month with branded labels and packing slips

  • $25/month Bronze plan for 1 user, 500 shipments/month with branded labels and packing slips

  • $45/month Silver plan for 2 users, 1,500 shipments/month with customized packing slips and live chat support

  • $65/month Gold plan for 3 users, 3k shipments/month, and full features

  • $95/month Platinum plan for 5 users and 6k shipments/month

  • $145/month Enterprise plan 10 users and unlimited shipments

ShipStation Features

  • Print shipping, postage, and return labels for new orders automatically

  • Integrated with popular eCommerce store apps, along with payment and shipping services

  • Update your orders and email customers with shipping and tracking info

  • Automate which orders to send with which services

  • Compare shipping prices to find the best option for your orders

  • iOS and Android app available

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