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What RingCentral Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Call Recording - Triggers when a call has been recorded.
  • Call Ended - Triggers when a call has been ended.
  • New Voicemail - Triggers when there is a new incoming voicemail.
  • Missed Call - Triggers when there is a new missed call.
  • New SMS - Triggers when there is a new SMS sent or received.

Supported Actions#

  • Send Fax - Sends a fax.
  • Send SMS - Sends a SMS message.
  • Generate Ringout Call - Starts a 2-legged RingOutCall based on specified from and to numbers.

How to Get Started with RingCentral on Zapier

About the RingCentral Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: Accounts can be connected, as long as the user knows the login credentials for the account
  • Paid/versioned account: The integration is available for all RingCentral Office® customers.
  • Authentication method: Oauth
  • Custom field support: No
  • Partner’s Documentation None

How to Get Started with RingCentral on Zapier#

The first step to using RingCentral with Zapier is to connect your account.

Next, you'll be asked to log into your RingCentral account.

Then you're ready to set up your Zap!

Common Problems with RingCentral on Zapier

Not all recordings, calls, SMSs, or voicemails are triggering my zap#

The RingCentral API will only send back the recordings, calls, SMSs, voicemails, etc for the logged in user. If you need to get recordings for other users, you'll need to connect their RingCentral accounts to Zapier and set up a zap for each one. Once you have one zap set up, you can copy it (you can do so by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the zap from your dashboard and selecting "copy") and then swap out the connected account in the trigger.

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