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What KiSSFLOW Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Change of Workflow Step - Triggers when a request in a particular workflow process moves from one step to another step. The action performed to initiate this move like Approve or Reject will be provided as an additional input to the trigger.

Supported Actions#

  • Approve a Request - Approve a request to move it to its next step in the workflow process.
  • Submit a New Request - Initiates a new request for a chosen process , populates requisite fields and then submits the request for processing.
  • Create a Draft Request - Creates a new request for a chosen process , populates requisite fields and saves it in the 'Draft' folder of KiSSFLOW.

How to Get Started with KiSSFLOW on Zapier

When you start creating a KiSSFLOW Zap, you will be prompted to connect a New Account:

Select KiSSFLOW Account

Click the button and a pop-up would appear. Enter your KiSSFLOW Account ID and API Key:


Once you've entered the correct Log In details, the pop-up would disappear and you will see the ShareDesk account added to your Zapier account and is ready for selection:

Common Problems with KiSSFLOW

Dates sent on to my Action App are not correct#

Kissflow sends on dates to us in GMT format. So if you are in a different timezone you and you need to use the dates for your action app, you will need to adjust those as described here:

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KiSSFLOW is a Business Process Workflow Automation Software. KiSSFLOW empowers normal users to build workflow automation on their own on a self-service basis without requiring sophisticated technical knowledge. KiSSFLOW is used by department heads of finance, operations and human resources to streamline their functions.

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