Send emails on Gmail for changed KiSSFLOW workflow steps

Need to make sure emails get sent out for changes on KiSSFLOW? Setting up this KiSSFLOW Gmail integration can handle those notifications for you. Once active, it will send a new email from Gmail with all the data from any new workflow step change on KiSSFLOW, so you always know how your processes are doing.

How It Works

  1. A workflow step is changed on KiSSFLOW
  2. Zapier automatically sends an email on Gmail

What You Need

  • KiSSFLOW account
  • Gmail account
Send emails on Gmail for changed KiSSFLOW workflow steps
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KiSSFLOW is a Business Process Workflow Automation Software. KiSSFLOW empowers normal users to build workflow automation on their own on a self-service basis without requiring sophisticated technical knowledge. KiSSFLOW is used by department heads of finance, operations and human resources to streamline their functions.

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Gmail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by Google. It's one of the most popular email services in the world.

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