AskNicely Integrations

  • Add new AskNicely responses to Google Sheets as rows

    Save and share your latest survey responses with teammates and other stakeholders. Use this Zap to automatically add new AskNicely responses to Google Sheets as rows. Once the responses are in Google Sheets, you can sort the spreadsheet or easily share it with stakeholders without giving them access to your entire AskNicely account.

    How this AskNicely-Google Sheets integration works

    1. A new AskNicely response is created
    2. Zapier creates a row in Google Sheets

    Apps involved

    • AskNicely
    • Google Sheets
  • Send Slack messages when new AskNicely responses are created

    Keep your teammates in the loop when new survey responses are received from customers. Use this Zap to automatically send Slack messages when new AskNicely responses are created. That way, teammates can take immediate action if a customer has negative feedback or an urgent concern.

    How this AskNicely-Slack integration works

    1. A new AskNicely response is created
    2. Zapier sends a message to a Slack channel

    Apps involved

    • AskNicely
    • Slack
  • Send Gmail emails for AskNicely responses with scores of less than 7

    Make sure your team can take immediate action if you receive negative feedback from your NPS survey. Use this Zap to automatically send Gmail emails when you receive a new AskNicely response that gives you a score of 6 or less. That way, you can reach out to that customer right away and give them the support they need.

    How this AskNicely-Gmail integration works

    1. A new AskNicely response is created
    2. Zapier checks to see if the NPS score from the response is 6 or less. If not, the Zap stops running here. If so, the Zap will continue to the next step.
    3. Zapier sends an email via Gmail

    Apps involved

    • AskNicely
    • Filter by Zapier
    • Gmail
  • Send AskNicely NPS surveys following new orders in Magento

    By surveying customers after they place an order, you can get an accurate gauge of how satisfied your customer base is and therefore how likely they are to give you repeat business and recommend your business to their friends. Following an order is the optimum time to trigger a survey because the customer is most likely to respond when they have recently engaged with your brand. An NPS survey gives a simple, fast way for the customer to give feedback, further increasing the likelihood that they'll respond.

    How this Magento-AskNicely integration works:

    1. A new order is placed in Magento
    2. Zapier sends the AskNicely NPS survey (with an optional wait period) to the customer who placed the order

    Apps involved

    • Magento
    • AskNicely
  • Send AskNicely NPS surveys following new LiveChat conversations

    By measuring the effectiveness of your customer facing staff you can ensure you are delivering a consistent level of service across the business. Use this integration to make sure you collect feedback in realtime without pestering your customers with long surveys. Sending an AskNicely NPS survey gives your customers the ability to provide a rating via one single click in an email with the option to add some additional feedback. By making it super easy to give feedback, you'll get high response rates giving you the best possible view of how your customers are feeling.

    Note: Optionally, you might want to tag the NPS survey with the Agent's name so you can compare the score of different support teams or individual agents. This may help identify strong and weak performers amongst your team. Just make sure you are transparent with your team and let them know if you start collecting data at that level so there are no nasty surprises. Within your team, it's a good idea to make public recognition of good performance but deal with poor performance on a one-on-one or anonymous basis.

    How this LiveChat-AskNicely integration works:

    1. A new LiveChat conversation is closed
    2. Zapier sends an NPS survey from AskNicely to the customer.

    Apps involved

    • LiveChat
    • AskNicely
  • Send AskNicely NPS surveys when contacts are added to a HubSpot list

    Sending AskNicely NPS surveys at specific times in your customer lifecycle gives you measurable insight into how your customer base are feeling. Keeping an accurate gauge on how likely customers are to recommend you to a friend tells you how much business is likely to come from word of mouth referral and also how likely customers are to stay. By using this integration to send to HubSpot contacts as they are added to a chosen list, you can build whatever logic you need to send the survey within HubSpot and simply use the add to list step in a workflow to have Zapier send the survey.

    Note: This flow will run every time a contact is added to the chosen list

    How this HubSpot-AskNicely integration works

    1. A contact is added to your chosen list in HubSpot
    2. Zapier sends an AskNicely survey to the contact

    Apps involved

    • HubSpot
    • AskNicely
  • Send AskNicely NPS surveys following new Zendesk tickets

    For any organisation, measuring the effectiveness of their support team(s) is important - it helps identify how effectively you're addressing customer's needs and can help identify strong performers within your team. An AskNicely NPS survey gives you a way to quickly measure customer satisfaction - the simple format of the survey means that customers are more inclined to respond, improving the quality of your results. While being simple, NPS also give you more detail than a 3 or 5 star rating system. AskNicely's tools also provide ways to automatically tag and filter the additional text-based feedback collected to make results more measurable.

    Note: You can set an optional wait period to send a survey a number of hours after the ticket is created you can also use the view selection in the Zendesk step to define which tickets should trigger a survey - eg. you may only want to send a survey after a ticket is closed, so use a view that contains only closed tickets

    How this Zendesk-AskNicely integration works

    1. A new ticket is created by Zendesk
    2. Zapier sends an AskNicely NPS survey to the customer with an optional wait period.

    Apps involved

    • Zendesk
    • AskNicely
  • Follow up new supscriptions in Chargebee with AskNicely NPS surveys

    With any subscription service, a key consideration is how likely your customers are to remain subscribed to your service. The best way to measure this is to collect feedback from your customers on a regular basis. Sending an AskNicely NPS survey will give your customers a short, easy way to let you know how they are feeling. By triggering the survey after they start their subscription with an optional wait period you can be continuously collecting feedback and keep a realtime gauge on how your customers are feeling about your service.

    Note: When setting your wait period, consider the length of time of your subscription renewal and how long it will take the customer to start using your product - for many SaaS businesses working with a monthly billing cycle, it makes sense to wait around 25 days so that you get feedback shortly before the second payment is due. However, for some businesses with a longer on boarding phase, you may like to wait for longer

    How this Chargebee-AskNicely integration works

    1. A new subscription is created in Chargebee
    2. Zapier sends an AskNicely NPS survey after an optional wait time

    Apps involved

    • Chargebee
    • AskNicely
  • Add new AWeber subscribers to AskNicely

    Automate the process of sending out NPS surveys with this integration. Automatically add AWeber subscribers to your AskNicely account. This Zapier integration will create a new person in AskNicely whenever a subscriber is added to AWeber. So you can collect feedback on an ongoing basis, without any extra work.

    How it works

    1. A subscriber is added to an AWeber list.
    2. Zapier creates a new person in AskNicely based on the information provided.

    What you need

    • AWeber account
    • AskNicely account
  • Analyze new AskNicely comments with Appbot comments

    Save hours manually categorizing NPS responses by connecting AskNicely with Appbot, via Zapier. Appbot reads every comment and groups it by sentiment, keyword and topic. Turn your NPS responses into actionable feedback with clear visualizations, without reading each response individually.

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AskNicely Integration Details

Launched on Zapier August 25, 2015

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Response") and Actions (like "Add Survey Participant") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following AskNicely Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Add Survey Participant

Add a new survey participant.

Add Person

Add a person to AskNicely.

New Response

Triggers when a customer responds with a score or comment.

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AskNicely is a simple way to measure and improve customer happiness using the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) framework.