Google Glass gets Connected to 200+ Services

Mike Knoop
Mike Knoop / Published September 6, 2013

Yesterday, Google Glass supported 12 apps. Today, it supports 237

This isn't hyperbole! Zapier enables anyone (Glass Explorers now included) to connect web services they use. With Zapier's Google Glass app, you can connect Glass to any of the other 200-plus services Zapier supports.

This integration is the outcome of an invitation to the Glass Explorer program I received just two months ago. As my co-founders Bryan and Wade can attest, I wear it non-stop when I go out.

Like many other explorers, this has given me a unique perspective on how Glass works, what it is useful for right now, and what it could be useful for in the future.

First-party apps are somewhat limiting

Before today, there were a dozen first-party apps supported by Glass. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Path, New York Times, and a few others. Frustratingly, many of the first-party apps don't take full advantage of Glass.

For example, the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ apps allow you to post updates and photos to these services but there is no way to consume their content on the device. And with Gmail, you can only consume email or send from a single Gmail account.

Today, many of these limitations fall away as we introduce our new Google Glass integration for Zapier. Below I picked out a few use cases to give you an idea about what is now possible.

Select Glass integrations now possible

I also created a video where I demo the new Google Glass integration on Zapier. In the video I set up a Glass to Dropbox Zap and show it working.

Get started!

If you're a Glass Explorer and would like to try this out, simply create an account, then create a new Zap and choose Google Glass as your trigger or action.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what integrations people come up with for Glass. I'm constantly blown away by the creative use cases I see people using Zapier for. Given the revolutionary nature of Glass, I don't think I'll be disappointed.

Got an awesome use case? Tell me about it! Share your Zaps in the comments!

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