Add new GitLab issues as Pivotal Tracker stories

Project management is crucial when it comes to keeping your team on track. But, trying to stay on top of bug fixes, issues and other technical problems your team is working on can be a daunting task. Use this integration to help manage all your GitLab issues by automatically creating a new story in Pivotal Tracker for each one created.

How this GitLab-Pivotal Tracker integration works

  1. A new issue is created on GitLab
  2. Zapier adds a new story on Pivotal Tracker

Apps involved

  • GitLab
  • Pivotal Tracker
Add new GitLab issues as Pivotal Tracker stories
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GitLab is an open source code collaboration tool with a rich feature set including management of repositories, reviewing tools, issue tracking, activity feeds and much more.

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Pivotal Tracker is a collaborative, project management tool for developers and agile product management teams.

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