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ClickUp's a new project management app built to give you the tools you need to manage projects at every stage. With three ways to view your tasks and a number of features you can turn on and off, you can turn it into the project app that works the way you do. Or, more likely, you'll end up using all the features over time for a project manager that morphs to the way you need to work right now.

It starts with your team. The first time you login to ClickUp, it has you create a team—where you'll organize your entire company, division, or perhaps just the group you're directly working with (and yes, you can add more teams later). Then add spaces—where you'll organize broader sections of work. Perhaps you add a team for your Marketing team, then spaces for your content, ads, social, and community work. Finally, ClickUp will automatically add a project and list to your new space to break down work in each team with, say, projects for blog, books, and whitepapers under your content team and lists of tasks for each.

When you make new spaces, ClickUp uniquely asks you to set the default status for your tasks, with pre-made labels for scrum, marketing, kanban, and content workflows. Or you can add your own to labels to build a custom workflow that your team's tasks should be tagged with. This is also where you can enable ClickApps or extra features for all the projects in your space including start dates, multiple assignments, priorities, time tracking, and tags. You can tweak both these extra features and the labels later in your settings, but it's nice to be able to customize things right from the start.

Switching from another project app? As soon as you've set up your workspace in ClickUp, it'll ask you what other apps you've used. Select Asana, Trello, and Jira, and you can import your tasks—with support for Todoist and Basecamp coming soon.

Then it's time to get to work. You'll see the default list view first, where you can add to-dos as normal one after the other. Each task can include sub-tasks, comments that reference other team members and tasks, and attachments. And ClickUp can filter your tasks to show just what you need to work on. Once your work is listed, switch to the board view for a kanban style list of your tasks organized by those status labels you set previously for a great way to show the progress of your work. And when you're starting the day and need a quick overview of what's going on, the box view shows quick lists of how many tasks are assigned to each team member, organized again by status. Or, switch to the Me view to see just your own tasks with the same organization tools.

ClickUp's layers of organization, customizable features, and easy ways to switch between how you view your tasks make it a great way to keep everything you need to do together and still find what needs done right now. It's a simple way to switch between a heads-up overview of your work, a list of tasks, and a kanban workflow that uniquely merges the same ideas and organization between all of the views.

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ClickUp Pricing

  • Free for unlimited tasks and users, with 100MB storage

  • $9/month/user Unlimited plan for unlimited storage, views, integrations, and reporting

  • $19/month/user Business plan for all Unlimited plan features, plus 2FA and Google SSO, goal folders, and custom exporting

  • Enterprise plan pricing available upon request

ClickUp Features

  • Organize your team's work in spaces, projects, and lists

  • View tasks in boxes for a quick overview, lists to plan the details, and boards to take tasks through a workflow

  • Enable additional features including time tracking, tags, and start/end dates with integrations and extensions

  • Import tasks from Asana, Trello, and Jira

  • Include all details about a task in one place with sub-tasks, descriptions, attachments, and comments that can link to other tasks and team members

  • Download ClickUp on your devices, including iOS, Android, and Alexa

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ClickUp Updates

New for our ClickUp integration: Watch for new tasks, lists, folders, and task changes

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