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How to Get Started with Buffer

About the Buffer Integration

Setting up the Buffer Integration

Getting started with Buffer is really fast and easy. When connecting a new Buffer Account to Zapier, here is what to expect.

Connect Buffer 1

You're given the chance to name this Buffer Account which is really handy if you have more than one Buffer Account inside Zapier. Of course you can just leave the default, if you'd like.

Connect Buffer 2

A window appears asking you to sign in to Buffer (if you're not already signed in). If you don't have a Buffer account already, now is the time to make one! After signing up or signing in, you're shown this screen:

Connect Buffer 3

This screen is what allows Zapier to access and create data in your Buffer account, for you. To finish, click "Allow".

Connect Buffer 4

You're done! You've successfully connected Buffer to Zapier and you can continue setting up your Zap.

Connect Buffer 5

Common Problems with Buffer

You've completely filled the buffer for the free plan, nice work! Upgrading

This is a message from Buffer. The free Buffer plan allows 10 items in the queue. If you want to put more than 10 items in, you'll need to upgrade your Buffer plan to their "Awesome Plan".

Message Length Issues and HTML, Line Break Problems

Be aware that Zapier does not by default parse, limit, shorten, or strip characters before sending your message to Buffer. In many scenarios this leads to undesirable effects. If you need to reformat the data from the trigger, you can do so with a multi-step zap using our Formatter app.

This will allow you to strip out HTML and line breaks, or other undesirable characters. You can also truncate posts to be a certain length.

Error: Must provide a photo media parameter for all Instagram service profiles

Even though the Photo URL field is optional in the action, for certain profiles, like Instagram, it is required. Make sure to map the image you want to post to Instagram in that field.

Popular Things To Do With Buffer

  • Buffer new items in an RSS feed

    RSS by Zapier + Buffer

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  • Buffer your Instagram photos

    Instagram + Buffer

  • Buffer your WordPress posts

    WordPress + Buffer

  • Add new Facebook Pages posts to a Buffer queue

    Facebook Pages + Buffer

  • Add new Twitter followers to a Buffer queue

    Twitter + Buffer

  • Add New Feedly Article From a Category to Buffer Queue

    Feedly + Buffer

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