New Service: Formstack and Zapier, Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / January 23, 2013

Putting a form up on your site used to be a pretty tricky situation. You'd have to work up what fields go on the form, hope you don't change your mind, and tell your developer what and where you want it.

Form software like Formstack is tackling that beast. Formstack is the simplest way for any average joe marketer, sales guy, non-profit organizer, you name it to put a form online.

Formstack easily lets you create a varity of forms like signup forms, surveys, contact forms, order forms, event registration forms, and whatever type of form your mind can dream up.

A form is just the beginning though. You have to decide what to do with form data once someone completes the form. And that’s where the Formstack integration with Zapier comes in. With Formstack and Zapier you can easily:

Zapier lets you extend the functionality of Formstack beyond the capabilities already built into Formstack and really simplify the process around tracking and following up with people who fill out your forms.

To use this integration

  1. You’ll need an account on Formstack and Zapier as well as one on the web applications with which you want to integrate. Formstack has a free 14 day trial on all their plans. Zapier has both free and paid plans.
  2. Create a form in Formstack to use as your Zapier trigger.
  3. Check out any of the integrations used with Zapier and Formstack.

The short youtube video walks you through connecting Formstack with Zendesk to track and follow up on issues your customers may be having. Great job all around to the Formstack team for creating such a simple tool for putting forms online.

If you want to build an integration for your web or mobile service check out the Zapier developer platform.