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There’s just one problem though: email and SMS marketing can be complicated and confusing. That's a problem SendinBlue has aimed to solve since their founding in 2012, with an easy-to-use marketing app for sending both email and SMS messages automatically.

At first glance, SendinBlue sounds like a marketing solution for the big guys: those who need to send massive amounts of marketing messages each day. On the contrary, though, SendinBlue is simple enough for beginners, while powerful enough for advanced marketers. You can use it to send newsletters, transactional emails, and bulk SMS messages without much hassle.

Simple email campaign creation and management are SendinBlue’s strongest points. After logging in, the most essential features are accessible on the main menu: Campaigns, Lists, Contacts, and Statistics. Below that is the dashboard where you can check and analyze the results from delivered marketing campaigns, preview drafts, and create new campaigns right away—all without having to jump back and forth to separate parts of the app.

Creating campaigns is just as easy. Simply click the + Create a new Campaign button on the right side of the dashboard to give your campaign a name, a subject line, a From email and name. To design the campaign, choose from two design options: the responsive design builder to quickly create an email from a template, or the HTML/Text editor to hand-code your own designs. Tweak everything the way you want, and then you can send or schedule your campaign. Those emails can then be used in automated email workflows that can send messages based on the scheudle you want—or based on the emails that your contacts read and clicked on.

Need to work on your company’s transactional emails and SMS campaigns? Click on the drop down menu at the top left of the screen to switch from one marketing medium to another, and can make SMS messages even quicker than designing a new email campaign. You can then set your SMS and SMTP server settings to create, send, and track your transactional emails and SMS from the app itself. That might be a bit more tricky than just sending a basic email campaign, so be sure to check SendinBlue’s documentation to get it integrated with your apps so you can send all of your marketing messages through SendinBlue.

Once you have your marketing campaigns designed and ready to be sent, you can use SendinBlue's scheduling tools to send messages out automatically whenever you want. You can import all of your contacts, split them into lists, and send messages based on what items a customer has purchased from you or where they live.

SendinBlue also includes extensions for Magento, Prestashop, and more, along Zapier integrations and a full API so you can integrate it with your apps and send emails based on any event you want. That'll be a bit more technical, so you can start out with normal marketing messages and work your way up to transactional emails and SMS messages that go out whenever a certain event happens.

SendinBlue is a marketing tool that grows with you, with features to quickly send SMS and email campaigns along with powerful tools to send transactional emails from your own apps. You can get started quickly, then grow your marketing efforts and skills at the same time.

Originally published 7 December 2015; updated 18 May 2017 with new features and pricing.

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