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When this happens...
TodoistNew Task by Query (Deprecated)
Then do this...
I Done ThisCreate Entry

If you regularly need to isolate specific Todoist tasks through queries for your records on I Done This, you can automate the process by letting this Zap do the searching for you. Simply indicate your query and details during configuration to put it to work. After that, any new task that matches your terms on Todoist will automatically create a new done on I Done This. So save yourself the effort, and let us highlight the key events you need to capture for you so you can keep your productivity at peak levels.

Note: More information on Todoist queries can be found here.

How It Works

  1. A query is created on Todoist
  2. Zapier automatically creates an I Done This done

What You Need

  • Todoist account
  • I Done This account

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It's easy to connect I Done This + Todoist and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Complete Task

Triggers when you complete a task on a project.

Create Project

Creates a new project.

New Incomplete Task

Triggers when you add an incomplete task to a project.

Create Task

Creates a new task.

New Entry

When a new entry is created.

Mark Task as Completed

Marks a task as being completed.

New Any Completed Task

Only for Todoist Premium users! Triggers when you complete a task (including recurring tasks) on a project.

Create Entry

Create a new entry.

New Complete Task With Label

Triggers when an item with a specific label is completed.

Add Comment to Project

Adds a new comment to a project (only available for Todoist Premium users).

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I Done This makes it easy to track and celebrate the progress that you and your colleagues make at work every day. We email you at day's end and ask, "What'd you get done today?" Just reply. The next morning, you'll get a digest that shows your team's accomplishments from yesterday. Start a conversation and share your thanks.

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