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Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
    • Article NameRequired

      The name of the article, will be displayed in the quotes / invoices lines

    • Article Type

      Type of the article among (service, product)

    • Article description

      The description of the article

    • Article unit

      Unit of the article (day, kg, etc ...)

    • Article price

      Price of the article

    • Article supplier price

      The article price of the supplier

    • Vat rate

      Vat rate of the article in percentage, if not present, will be the default vat rate of the account (ex: 20, for France: Taux de TVA)

    • ContactRequired

      Public Id of the contact, can be retrieve with the action "Find Contact"

    • Estimate subject

      Subject of the estimate

    • Estimate attention

      Attention of the estimate (To the attention of)

    • Estimate date

      Date of the estimate (ex: 2021-02-10), If not present, will be current date

    • Article IdRequired

      Public Id of the article, can be retrieve with the action "Find Article"

    • Article description

      If not present, will be the default description of the article

    • QuantityRequired

      Number of articles for this line

    • Price

      Price of the Article, if not present will be the default price of the article

    • Vat rate

      Vat rate in percentage (ex: 20), if not present will be the default rate of the article For France : Taux de TVA

    • Estimate Comment

      Comment at the end of the estimate

    • Invoice PIDRequired

      The invoice pid given by Factomos after creating the invoice

    • Payment type

      The type of the payment to set in Factomos. Possible values are : "transfer": Bank transfer, "card": Credit/Debit card, "check": Check, "cash": Cash, "order": Direct debit, "other": Any other payment method

    • Payment date

      The date of the payment, given by WooCommerce

    • Total amount paidRequired

      Total amount paid (with taxes) for the order, given by WooCommerce

    • Article ReferenceRequired

      The article's reference, in common with Factomos

    • Article PriceRequired

      The article's price in WooCommerce

    • Article Total VATRequired

      The article's total vat (excluding taxes, for total quantity) from WooCommerce

    • Article QuantityRequired

      Total quantity of this article in order on WooCommerce

    • Article NameRequired

      Article name, given by WooCommerce

    • Article description

      The article description (under the title in the invoice). For all articles except shipping which will be the shipping method.

    • Article Product ID

      WooCommerce product ID for the given article (only useful for Article Images)

    • Default Article PID

      If article not found, use this default PID (creating non-existing articles in factomos is not supported at the moment)

    • Shipping Article PID

      The PID of the article dedicated to shipping in Factomos, so as to show a line in the invoice for shipping costs. If empty, there will be no shipping.

    • Shipping Total

      Total shipping fees for the invoice, excluding taxes (HT)

    • Shipping Tax

      The total taxes paid for shipping, via WooCommerce

    • Tax Lines Rate Percent

      The different tax rates that can be applied, from WooCommerce

    • Tax Lines Totals

      The total taxes paid per tax type, given by WooCommerce

    • Total paidRequired

      Total paid for the order, given by WooCommerce

    • Total taxes paidRequired

      Total taxes paid for the order, given by WooCommerce

    • Shipping MethodRequired

      The shipping methods given by WooCommerce

    • Image ID

      The id (= product id) resulting from the optional "Find Article Images" step

    • Image SRC

      The image src (url) given by the optional "Find Article Images" step

    • Contact Type

      Type of contact among (prospect, client, supplier)

    • Contact Company Name

      Required if Client Type is Enterprise (B2B).

    • Contact Reference

      Internal reference of your contact

    • Registration number

      Registration number of the company. For france, it is : SIRET

    • Vat Number

      For France : N° TVA.

    • Contact's website

      Website URL of your contact

    • Client Phone number

      The phone number of your client

    • Contact Description

      Internat Comments about your client

    • Contact title

      The title of the contact among ('MR', 'MRS', '')

    • First name

      First name of the contact

    • Last nameRequired

      The last name of the contact

    • E-mail

      The email of the contact

    • Phone number

      The phone number of the contact

    • Contact Language

      The language of the contact for the futur quotes or invoices

    • Address

      Street number and name of the address

    • Address More

    • Zipcode

    • City

    • Country

      Country iso code (ex: FR, ES)

    • ContactRequired

      Public Id of the contact, can be retrieve with the action "Find Contact"

    • Invoice object

      Subject of the invoice

    • Invoice attention

      Attention of the invoice (To the attention of)

    • Invoice date

      Date of the invoice (ex: 2021-02-10), If not present, will be current date

    • Date of Payment

      Date of payment (deadline, ex: 2021-02-10), if not present will be the default deadline of the account

    • Invoice Paid Mention

      Is the invoice paid or not ? 'pay_before ' : display the mention "Payable before <invoice_due_date>" 'paid' : display the mention "Paid <invoice_due_date>" 'pay_on_receive': display the mention "Pay on receive"

    • Prices include tax?

      If prices in Factomos and Woocommerce are defined including taxes (TTC), set to true

    • Article idRequired

      Public Id of the articles in Factomos

    • Article title

      The name of the article from WooCommerce.

    • Article quantity

      The quantity of the article ordered

    • Article price

      The unit price of the article (without taxes)

    • Article VAT Rate

      The VAT rate for this article

    • Article Total VAT

      The total VAT paid for this article (for whole quantity)

    • Article description

      The description for the article

    • Article line mode

      The "line_mode" section from the "Find Articles" step, useful in case of article images.

    • Invoice Comment

      Comment at the end of the invoice

    • Invoice creation mode in FactomosRequired

      DRAFT INVOICE to test the creation of an invoice. This will create a draft invoice in factomos, that will need to be manually validated to become a real invoice. REAL INVOICE only once everything seems to work, to use live with real orders.

    • Send invoice to customer via email

      Set to TRUE to automatically send the invoice to the customer's email address via Factomos after creating it.

    • WooCommerce Website DomainRequired

      The domain of your WooCommerce website, formatted like www.myshop.com

    • WooCommerce API Consumer KeyRequired

      Found in WooCommerce admin (see documentation)

    • WooCommerce API Consumer SecretRequired

      Found in WooCommerce admin (see documentation)

    • Product ID

      The WooCommerce product ID

    • Keyword

      keyword to search among the following fields: client_company_name, description, last name, email, reference, siret


How Factomos + Calendly Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Authenticate Factomos and Calendly.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
    15 seconds
  3. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.
    15 seconds
  4. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.
    2 minutes
  5. That’s it! More time to work on other things.
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