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Clearbit Reveal helps you identify which companies are visiting your website. Enter the IP address of a site visitor in the Reveal tab to find out all about them—number of employees, industry, sector, revenue, Alexa rank, and more. Unlike other services that only show names of companies with public IP addresses, Clearbit helps you identify companies of all sizes. The data you find in Reveal can be used in many ways. For instance, you can choose to show live chat options only to the most relevant companies when they visit your site.

Another way you can use Clearbit is to find email addresses of your prospects, without leaving your inbox. To do this, install the free extension, Clearbit Connect for Gmail (or Outlook). Once installed, the Clearbit icon appears in your Gmail account with the rest of your add-ons. As you click on it, you'll see the Find emails option. First, you'll be asked to enter a company domain. Next, you'll find a list of employees at the company and their respective roles. Click on any name, and—voilà—their email address, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts appear for your review.

All of the data you find in Clearbit can be put to use in many ways: to personalize content for your site visitors, connect with prospects as soon as they've visited your website, and even shorten your customer forms in the app itself. When you create a form in Clearbit, you can select different conditions for every field. For instance, you can choose to mark a field as required, block non-corporate emails, autofill data, and enable Dynamic Enrichment. The Autofill option automatically fills in data that's available in the Clearbit database. Thus, your customers or prospects simply have to check the data is correct and click Submit. The Dynamic Enrichment feature also helps you make forms less tedious. For instance, if a prospect fills in their email address in a form, Clearbit looks for data for all other fields, such as name, company, and so on. Then, it hides all those fields for which it has information available. This keeps your forms short while giving you all the data you need.

You likely use a number of tools to collect and use customer data. With that in mind, Clearbit provides integrations with several marketing and sales tools, including Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Webhook, and more. If you're looking for a single tool to collect data on your customers and prospects, Clearbit will do the job. Use it to find new prospects, know more about them, and win new customers.

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