When this happens...
TypeformNew Entry
Then do this...
IntercomCreate/Update User

No one likes being asked too many questions, but having background info on your respondents is valuable. Let Zapier look it up for you automatically with this integration. It will trigger with every new Typeform submission you receive, searching Clearbit for more information on your submitter. Any results will then be used to populate Intercom with a new user (or update one that exists) so you always know who needs to get your specific messages.

How this Typeform-Clearbit-Intercom integration works

  1. A new submission is received on Typeform
  2. Zapier looks up personal and social info about them via Clearbit
  3. Zapier creates a user on Intercom, or updates a match with the extra details

Apps involved

  • Typeform
  • Clearbit
  • Intercom

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When this happens...
then do this!
New User

Triggers when a new user is created.

Add/Remove Tag on User

Attach or remove a tag on a specific user.

Lead Converted to User

Triggers when a lead converts to a user.

Create/Update User

Update a user within Intercom given their e-mail address.

New Conversation

Triggers when a new conversation is created by a user in Intercom.

Update Company

Updates a company within Intercom. If you'd like to create a company, use this action in conjunction with a Find/Create step.

New Unsubscription

Triggers when a user unsubscribes from emails.

Send Incoming Message

Send a message from a user into your Intercom app. Note: you must have a valid plan on Intercom to access this action.

New Entry

Triggers when a form is submitted.

Create/Update Lead

Create or update an Intercom lead. If an ID is provided, the lead will be updated.

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