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You'll start out at the top with the Product tab, where you can add your company, product lines, and products to Aha. List your company's info, add your logo and colors, and bring in the files that are most important for all your projects—perhaps your logo and product info sheets. Then, you can add your product lines and projects to organize everything your company is working on.

Then it's time to list your vision and goals in the Strategy tab. Start out with a standard strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats diagram, to keep a clear vision of where your team stands. There's also space to list Personas, or profiles of the types of customers you wish to attract, along with a Competitors page to track info about your top competition. You can then add goals and initiatives on a Effort vs. Value graph, and visualize how they intersect with each other.

With that data gathering done, you can start planning your projects. The Strategy tab still includes one more tool for that: a Roadmap. Here you can put dates behind your initiatives and goals on a gantt chart style graph, and see how they fit with your overall vision. Then it's time to make real projects and add new features. You can list your own feature ideas, or use Aha's Ideas portal to gather feature ideas from your users. Then, organize them into Releases, with both a scrum-style list to organize your workflow and a gantt chart-style calendar to anticipate deadlines and figure out when to ship the latest new features.

With so many tools to manage everything from the high level overview of your company down to the next task you're working on, you need something to help pull it all together. That's what the Reports tab does, with auto-generated lists of the things that have been shipped, pivot tables to dig through your team's data, and charts to show your goals, shipped features, and more.

Want to share knowledge with your team, whether about your ideas, the company's strategy, or thoughts about a particular task? Aha's Notebooks fill that gap. Whenever you're looking at anything in Aha, you can create a Note about it, giving you a space to write your thoughts, design diagrams, create timelines and more. You can view notebooks in your Aha account, publish them online, or save them as PDFs for a simple way to share your ideas. You'll never need to open Excel and Word to create your next meeting documents again.

Projects are messy, confusing places, and they need something that can make sense of them from top to bottom. Aha helps you plan every part of your projects and strategy, so you can make sure to keep the big picture in mind every time you assign a new task.

Learn how to manage your projects better with Zapier's Project Management 101 Guide for a detailed look at the best project management strategies.

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