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Evernote is a simple note taking application that makes it easy to capture and remember ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you like.

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Twitter is a popular online social network that is quickly becoming the de-facto platform for public communication.

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Trying to keep a record of Twitter activity? Use the Twitter Evernote integration to automatically add Tweets to Evernote.

Save all your tweets, favorited tweets, at replys and more to Evernote. Simple setup takes less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

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Start With a Popular Zap Template

Save my tweets to an Evernote note for tracking.

This template saves favorite tweets to an Evernote notebook of your choice.

Save Twitter mentions of any search term to Evernote notes.

Automatically tweet out new Evernote notes.

Send tweets mentioning your search term to Evernote as notes.

Archiving every tweet for easy access to the info when needed most!

Archiving every new tweet for easy access to the info when needed most!

All tweets automatically sent to tailored notebook of your design.

Automatically create a new Evernote note for new Twitter followers.

Backup own Tweets in Evernote. Includes Tweet number and Date in Title, and Content, Date, and Location in Body. Uses Zapier as tag.

Every time you add a new note in Evernote, zapier will post it on Twitter.

Hi I created a Zap to take Google Alerts from Evernote to my Twitter feed!

Sends a tweet after an Evernote is created. The Evernote is created by an external app; so this automates the publishing step.

Takes notes saved in evernote with a specific tag "tweet" and posts them to Twitter

Enables auto sending of content saved in a notebook. Takes the comment (text) and the source url to make a tweet of any clipped content from the web

I keep track of interest links in a shared Notebook in Evernote. I often forget to also tweet the link to my Twitter followers. Now when I read an interesting page, I just use the Evernote web clipper extension in Google Chrome, tag up my link and save, and Zapier Tweets for me. Thanks, Zapier.

Allows me to send out a tweet without opening a Twitter app.

it can save ur fav to evernote for local storage so u can retreive it anytime

This Zap makes it easy to collect and search interesting tweets just by favoriting them.

Now using @zapier to send my fav tweets to my #Evernote account. #automatetheweb!

Keep a record of my favorited tweets in my Social Archive notebook in Evernote.

When favoriting a tweet, send it to Evernote so you can check it out later.

Evertime I favorite a Tweet on Twitter I want it sent to Evernote in a Twitter Notebooke. All Fav. tweets will be there.

Archives tweets to keep a record of your activity directing to Evernote.

Get a backup of your tweets, saved into an Evernote notebook.

Gives me a way to easily search all the tweets I've made.

This allows me to save all my tweets to Evernote, which gives me the option to quickly search using the indexed engine of Evernote. Since I mostly tweet on technology and use it for research purposes, this is perfect.

Sends anything I post to my twitter feed to my evernote account

Another good use of Zapier keeping all chosen information one place, mine being Evernote

This captures my latest tweet and published it on my Evernote blog.

Archives my tweets and allows them to be searchable through Evernote's chrome extension when I do a google search

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