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Email marketing

By Zapier • Published March 1, 2021

Email is the easiest, cheapest way to get in front of your customers: 91% of marketers say email is their "key strategic channel," with social media following behind at 83%. Email offers you a place to cohesively communicate with different types of people about your business or services, and it isn't terribly difficult to get up and running.

If you're part of the nine percent of people marketing a business who don't rely on email or are ready to make a change in your provider, check out these platforms (they're free).

Email marketing is a versatile and affordable way to grow a small business, and automation makes it even more valuable. With automated emails, you can complete tasks, like reminding customers about items they abandoned in their cart or speak with leads who stopped responding to calls.

How to automate email marketing like a pro

Email has a role to play in many of your other business tools, like forms, point of sale platform, social media channels, CRM, and more.

Don't see your software here? Zapier works with thousands of apps, so there's a good chance that your tools work on our platform. Visit the Zapier App Directory and see the transactional emaildrip email, and email newsletter platforms you can use to create automated workflows for your team.

Create targeted lists

Creating a targeted list is called segmentation. It sounds complicated, but it's little more than marketing-speak for separating your audience into groups of people who would each then receive a different message. Segmentation makes sure you don't send the wrong message to the wrong person—for instance, people who just bought something don't need to receive an email the next day promoting that product again. Use automation to sort contacts and send them the best emails for their needs.

Sort your audience automatically to save yourself time:

Send the right message at the right time

Timing is everything, and that especially applies to email marketing. The average worker receives and sends a total of 121 emails per day, and many of the messages they receive aren't customized to their time zone or stage of the buyer journey. By triggering automated email marketing messages using behavioral information from elsewhere in your business, you can make sure your message stands out against the dozens of other emails competing for your customers' attention.

Trigger emails at the perfect moment with automation:

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